Why is my account in a 90 day waiting period?

If you see the message "Your account is currently in a 90 day waiting period. You will be eligible to receive payments after xx/xx/xxxx" on your Earnings Summary, your Shutterstock contributor account has been flagged by our system as originating from a high-fraud area. For this reason, we must apply an additional restriction to the payout guidelines of your account.

You can submit content and generate sales right away, and we encourage you to do so! You will be eligible to receive a payment 90 days after your first image or clip is approved. Please note that to receive payouts you must reach your minimum payout threshold as outlined in this article.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please know that this waiting period is managed by an automated process and cannot be overridden by any Shutterstock employee.

Thank you for your understanding of our efforts to protect the integrity of our collection, and thank you for your contributions to our marketplace.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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