How is "Similar Content" Defined?

To create a better customer experience on our site and help you sell more content, we have updated our policy regarding the submission of similar images.
Submitting subtle variations of the same image can be considered content spamming and is not permitted. We continuously evaluate our collection and remove images that do not meet our policies.

Intentional disregard of any of Shutterstock’s policies can result in account termination.
Similar Content can include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Swapping/flipping backgrounds
  • Flipping images vertically or horizontally
  • Simple icons with any additional non-essential label, graphics, text or other elements that are not meant to be used by the customer
  • Virtually unnoticeable cropping
  • Minor adjustments to aspect ratio
  • Images where the only change is the text, symbols or element colors
  • Images where the only change is a filter
  • Minor adjustments within images
  • Stamps and graphics with only text changes
  • Virtually identical variations of common designs (such as national flags)
User-added image
Same image with different text. Excessive submissions of this type are not allowed.

User-added image
Same image with different aspect ratio or cropping. Not allowed.
User-added image
Same image in slightly different colors. Not allowed.

User-added image
Simple icon with non-essential elements not meant for use by the customer. Not allowed.

Shutterstock aims to enable our customers to find exactly the content they’re looking for quickly and easily. To support this goal, Shutterstock expects contributors to submit content that positively expands the depth and breadth of our collection without unnecessary duplication.

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