How is Keyword Spamming Defined?

Providing excellent keywords with your content is critical to helping customers discover your work. Great keywords are detailed and precise. They relate directly to what is in the image or clip, either by describing what it shows, or what it might represent. For example a photo of a flower can include keywords like yellow, tulip, flower, beauty, spring, fresh.

Photo by mythja
The overuse of repeated words or phrases in your keywords is not permitted. Keywords with unnecessarily repeated words or phrases are considered spam, and are not accepted for publishing during our review process. Editing keywords to contain unnecessarily repeated words after your content has been published is also not allowed.
Spammy keywords contain the same word or word stem multiple times. However, not all repeated words are prohibited.
  • Not Allowed: car ride, car road, car drive, car move, car adventure, car trip, car journey, car vector, car vector illustration, car illustration
  • Not Allowed: seamless pattern argyle, seamless pattern green, seamless pattern blue, seamless pattern traditional, seamless pattern natural, seamless pattern geometric
  • Allowed: Kansas City, city street, street scene
  • Allowed: ski lodge, ski resort, mountain, ski lift, snow, Austria
Photo by Dean Fikar
sunset, mountains, autumn, fall, aspens, fall colors, red, stormy sky, new mexico, fall foliage, yellow, orange, dusk, twilight, sun, purple, colors, colorful, places

The use of irrelevant keywords is also considered spamming. Your keywords should relate directly to the content they describe, either literally or figuratively.
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