How do I organize my portfolio into Sets?

What are Sets?

Sets are collections of images or video clips that enable you to organize your portfolio into groupings, as well as track your earnings from these collections within your account. Sets allow you to curate your portfolio into groups of images by subject, concepts, or trends and can be made either public (currently for images only) or private.

Public Sets enable customers to quickly find images within your portfolio. Private Sets allow you to create groupings that are useful for your internal analysis. For example, a private Set of images or clips from a particular shoot will enable you to analyze your earnings just from that shoot. It's important to note that even though a Private Set is not visible to customers, the content within that Set is still live and published in your portfolio on the customer site.

Creating Sets
  1. Go into the Catalog Manager
  2. Select the images or video clips you want to add to a set by clicking on their thumbnails and click on "Create Set"User-added image
  3. Enter the title for a new Set and click "Create"User-added image

Once a set is created, you can add images or clips by clicking on the thumbnails and then clicking "Add to Set", or just drag and drop appropriate images into the set.  

Making Sets Public (currently for images only, public option not available for video clips at this time)

Creating a Set in the Catalog Manager does not make it automatically accessible to customers. Once a Set is complete you can choose to either keep it for your own use and analysis or to make the Set available for customers to view by clicking Publish under "Action".

User-added image

If you do not publish a Set, you will be able to view it in your account, but it will not be visible on the customer site.

There are no limits to how many Sets you can make, or how you organize them. Consider Public Sets as your key to creating your own personal storefront on the customer site. You can control the order in which your Sets are displayed to customers at the bottom of your Public Information page.

After taking the time to enhance your portfolio and creating informed public image Sets for your visitors, be sure to spread the word! Link your website to your portfolio and share your portfolio URL on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels.
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