Troubleshooting uploading errors

Best practices:
  • Make sure your browser is up to date, and that there are no problems with your internet connection or firewall. We recommend using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox.
  • For FTP uploading we recommend Cyberduck or Filezilla as your FTP Client
  • File names may contain only the characters a-z, A-Z,0-9, and *underscore* ( _ ).  Accented latin characters, and characters in non-latin alphabets are not permitted. Punctuation other than underscores (brackets, parentheses, quotation marks, etc.) are not permitted and may cause an error during uploading.
  • For footage we recommend uploading content in batches that contain no more than 25 clips.
Troubleshooting uploading:
  • If the files did not transfer correctly after some time, we recommend removing the unprocessed content and uploading them again.
  • If you are uploading vectors with accompanying jpegs and there is a message that there was no matching jpeg, it means that the two files were accidentally processed separately, please remove both files and try again. 
  • If you are uploading vectors with jpeg illustrations and you receive the message that the jpeg is too small ("must be over 4MP"), it also means that the two files were accidentally processed separately, please remove both files and try again. 
  • If you receive the error message: "The clip's metadata could not be read, or the clip was only partially uploaded. Width: (unknown) Height: (unknown) Aspect: (unknown) Codec: (unknown)" it means that we did not receive the complete upload, most likely due to a transfer hiccup. Please remove the file, and try again.
  • If the thumbnails for your uploaded videos do not display properly, that is not necessarily an indicator that the files did not upload properly, and they should be fine to submit.
Troubleshooting FTP errors:
  • If you receive an error message in your FTP client about TLS settings, please turn TLS off.
  • If the connection times out after a certain period of time, set the FTP client to Passive Mode. Go to the general settings and set the timeout in seconds value to 0, this will allow it to maintain a passive connection indefinitely. Then, go to the Site Manager, enter in as the Host, Select FTP as the protocol and select Only Use Plain FTP as the encryption setting. Type in the Shutterstock Contributor username and password then, hit connect.
  • If none of these troubleshooting tips work, turn on logging in your FTP client and email a copy of the FTP log and the date of the upload log to us at
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