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Logos are everywhere. Your bank has a logo, your vehicle has a logo, even NASA has a logo. We use logos to communicate with broad groups of people very quickly, primarily using tone. Tree logos and mountain logos, for example, have an exploratory, free tone. Food logos, bakery logos, and coffee logos really only have one job: telling people that food and drinks are available in a pleasant environment. A beauty logo, a medical logo, or a real estate logo are representing professional services, so they all need to communicate professionalism so clients feel confident that they're spending their money in the right place. Whatever the logo represents, it must set the right tone.

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Logos for small businesses Logos images can be great for small business design projects. If you want to create mailers, advertisements, takeaways, or any other promotional product that looks professional, it's great to use some elements from the Shutterstock logos design library. You can create coupons, brand your marketing events, stylize your mailers, or otherwise bring a professional designer's work to your own designs. Look for pieces of the images you see in the logos image library that you might want to use in sections of your project. You don't necessarily have to use the entire logos image — if there are graphics or elements that you think work well with your small business, you can use these even if you don't need the whole image. Compositing images like this together is a great way to create truly unique marketing materials. Logos for designs and projects General designs can really benefit from a robust collection of logos images. Because design work often means collecting assets that you assemble into a full-fledged project, logos design images come in particularly handy. Other images may be more difficult to pick apart and tailor for your design, but logos images can have specific elements that you want, like a hand logo to tell the viewer to stop and pay attention. A school logo or a business logo can come in handy if you're designing for either of these organizations. Photography logos and building logos can serve like clip art, allow you to piece together a custom design unique to your project. Spend some time browsing the logos images library, and open your mind to many different types of images. If you can create a collection of potentials, then you can begin narrowing down your favorites for each project you're working on. Logos for websites Logos images work great for websites. Because websites often need to guide the viewing experience using signs, indicators, and images, logos images can serve more than one function. First, they can help reinforce your brand — choose logos images that are in the same spirit as your business or organization. Are you a laid-back organization? Choose fun logos. Are you a serious firm? Choose something more modern and formal. Second, logos images can help you guide your visitor through the site by indicating special offers, additional content, site navigation, downloads, and more. By using a collection of logos images that all complement each other, you can create the impression that your brand is with the visitor at every click, presenting options, and coaching them on where to go next.

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