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Icons are simple images that stand in for more complex ideas. They're a form of visual shorthand, and designers in every industry use them in every service you can imagine. We're surrounded by phone icons, people icons, money icons, and food icons. On our phones, we use calendar icons, clock icons, health icons, and website icons. Our e-readers use book icons and arrow icons, and we send each other heart icons and people icons as a quick way of sharing some love. Business icons, education icons, technology icons, medical icons, and data icons — they're in every facet of our digital lives, and we're all experts on what makes a good icon just from interacting with them so often.

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How to use icons creatively

How to use icons for websites Icons are becoming increasingly popular in website design because they can help recreate the interfaces we've become used to on our phones and devices. An icon-based interface relies on images and symbols to navigate the options in an app intuitively. Web designers can partially recreate this experience with icon-based neumorphic design — design that looks like an actual device. With the right icons placed in the right areas of your website, you can help your visitor make their way through your site in precisely the manner you'd like them to experience it. This can help you move traffic through the conversion funnel if you're attempting to make some sales, or it can create leads and sign-ups if your goal is registrations and sign-ups for newsletters, events, or services. How to use icons in graphic designs Graphic design commonly makes use of icons. They're handy stand-ins for larger, more complicated images. For example, a house icon in an advertisement about exterior window cleaning will relate to more viewers than an actual image of a house — the actual image may look nothing like their house, but the icon makes them imagine their own house. Icons are a form of visual shorthand, like a car icon for all cars. This allows graphic designers to piece together entire stories simply by summoning groups of ideas from icons. Look for icons that are clearly recognizable and interesting. Be sure to give them some space in your design — too many icons crammed too close together can become difficult to translate. Further, make sure you use a similar or complementary design style and color palette when piecing different icons together. You want a smooth transition between each icon, so use a similar appearance for each. How to use icons in video edits and animations Icons are highly useful in video editing. When you're transitioning between shots, presenting information, or otherwise queuing up an action for your viewer, you can represent this activity with an icon. This is common in animations — animators will use icon-style lines and colors and then add some movement to bring the icon to life. This can make icons that we're used to seeing in our everyday lives take on additional meaning. If we see an icon we're used to actually moving and giving us instructions, it'll be that much easier to imagine ourselves following those instructions. Further, if you need to put some text in your video, pairing it with interesting icons is a good way to keep the information visually interesting without turning it into a glorified PowerPoint.

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