Using vector images for web design

  • Using a vector background for your website is a smart way to ensure that your image will retain its crisp resolution no matter what size you stretch or shrink it to. Abstract vectors can make beautiful, non distracting backgrounds.
  • Keep the tone of your brand in mind when selecting your vector. From gentle pastel watercolor washes to sleek and modern geometric designs, Shutterstock’s library has an array of vector backgrounds to match the tone of any brand.
  • If you would like to emphasize certain blocks of text or images on your website, try using a frame vector. Whether gilded and glowing or simple and black, frame vectors can be scaled to perfectly fit whatever it is you would like to highlight.
Using vector images for web design

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All about vector graphics

Vector graphics are designed to be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. This is in direct contrast to raster graphics, which are composed of a set number of little colored blocks called pixels. Due to this set number, raster graphics cannot be resized without loss of resolution. Fortunately, Shutterstock’s library features millions of vector graphics so that whether you need a design for a business card or a billboard, you will be able to find a vector you love and size it as you see fit.