Using abstract art as backgrounds on websites

  • When it comes to selecting an image of abstract art for your website background, try using color psychology to your advantage.
  • Keep the purpose and tone of your brand in mind. Looking for a background for a yoga studio website or other mindfulness-related site? Go blue. Studies have shown that blue has a universally calming effect. An abstract watercolor painting that has soft washes of varying shades of blue can thus work well as a soothing backdrop.
  • If, on the other hand, you need a background image for the website of an exciting new restaurant or brewery, red is the way to go. Commonly associated with passion and action, red conveys a sense of confidence and strength. Plus, studies have found that viewing the invigorating hue actually makes people hungry.
Using abstract art as backgrounds on websites

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Art is deeply human. From ancient cave paintings to modern digital arts, people have long valued the beauty of creative expression. Art has the power to speak wordlessly to viewers, to stir their hearts and inspire their imaginations. Within the (virtual) walls of Shutterstock’s image library, you will see a vast array of artwork, from retro art to fine art, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for an abstract watercolor image to set as your website background, or an eye-catching sketch to share on your Instagram, Shutterstock’s stunning library of arts imagery is here for you.