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Technology images capture the thrill of progress, highlighting lifestyle improvements, advances in science, or even just new ways to communicate. Digital technology and cloud technology have turned us largely into a global internet culture, while biotechnology and medical technology have changed how and how long we live. Images of technology bring the spirit of discovery and innovation to your creative projects. Let us show you how with this collection of some of our favorite royalty-free technology images.

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How to use technology visuals creatively

How to use images with technology for social media Images with technology are popular on social media platforms because they catch viewers attention among all the selfies and pet photos. In the social media world, this is what you want, as no one will hear your messaging until they stop long enough to see what you have to say. If you need help sizing your images into the ideal proportion for Facebook covers, Facebook events, Instagram, head over to Shutterstock Editor, where we’ve preloaded templates to help you prepare your image for the social media platform of your choice. How to use images with technology for marketing Images with technology can be powerful marketing tools. If you’re providing a service that relies on the internet or some form of digital communication, featuring technology in your marketing visuals tells your audience that you’re working at the cutting edge of technological development. Competition among vendors, companies, and developers in the technology world is stiff, so any way you can communicate that you’re at the leading edge of this competition, the better. Look for images with technology to use as backgrounds, as accent photos, or even as modern logos. You can capture a marketing audience’s attention by tying your messaging to interesting, mysterious images that speak to technological innovation without showcasing a particular piece of technology. Remember that people are easily drawn to images with technology, so make sure the images you choose don’t overpower your message and accidentally disengage your audience from your marketing campaign. How to use images with technology for websites Images with technology are particularly suited for use with websites, particularly sites that focus on technology, digital communication, information, or other related fields. Used as headers, images with technology should be bold and interesting. This is a part of your website where you really want to grab some attention and bring your visitor into the experience of your page. Don’t go vague here — choose an image with familiar elements presented in a new or interesting way. Once you’ve moved your viewer into the page itself, your background images can be more vague and a bit more subtle — choose abstract or muted images that won’t distract from your primary content. When you’re pairing images with technology with your body text, you want images that relate to what you’re talking about, so don’t pick unrelated visuals. Find a way to summarize what you’re saying in the text with a striking image. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!