Using religion images for print projects

  • Royalty free stock images are particularly useful for print projects because most of the religion images you see on the web aren’t the correct resolution for print — the files are smaller so they load faster in your browser. If you try to print them, they will look small and out of focus.
  • Every image in Shutterstock’s library of religion images comes available for print, meaning the image will be full size and in focus.
  • Be sure to choose an image that leaves room for any text you might want to add, and if you need help resizing and laying out your image, head on over to Shutterstock Editor, where you can find all the templates you need.
Using religion images for print projects

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Religion images take many forms, most notably, images of places of worship, images of religious symbols, and images of religious events. Our library features Christian and Islamic religion images, as well as images pertaining to Judaism, Spiritualism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and even atheism. Whether you need a picture of a temple, a church, a mosque, or even just religious holidays, you can draw upon the images, illustrations, and photographs created by people of faith from all over the world.
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