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What to look for in a family image

When it comes to selecting a good family image, look for those that focus on the family and keep the background noise to a minimum. Natural lighting that illuminates the faces of family members is key. If going for a close-up shot, make sure the eyes of the family members are crisp, clear, and expressive. The families should appear entirely at ease with one another. Ideally, your family image should leave viewers feeling as if they are catching a glimpse of a real family. Shutterstock contributors regularly add family imagery to the Shutterstock library, resulting in millions of royalty-free photos, vectors, and illustrations for you to choose from. Use the search bar to type in exactly what you are looking for, from “family at home” to “family vacation.” You can also narrow your search by utilizing Shutterstock’s filter options. Select the sort of image you are interested in (i.e., photo, vector, or illustration), the main color you want to see in the shot, and more.

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How to use family images creatively

Family images for websites If you run a travel site and want to encourage visitors to book a family vacation, vibrant family imagery is key. You want your potential customers to take one look at your photos and instantly see their own family in such a beautiful setting. Action shots of children snorkeling in aquamarine waters or a family running down a tropical beach are sure to inspire the desire to take a trip. Images that emphasize the travel aspect can also work well. A beautiful shot of a family standing together in an airport before a floor-to-ceiling window that shows a plane taking off into the sky will make viewers eager to book a flight of their own. Family images for social media Looking for a family image perfectly suited to social media? Try a photo of a family taking a selfie. Shutterstock’s library includes images of a mother holding up the phone as she lies in bed with her children, a family of four posed in sunglasses before an ancient landmark, and many more. Such shots can show the photo-taking phone in a family member’s hand or simply show part of the hand so as to put the audience right in the view of the camera. Want to share the news of an upcoming restaurant opening? If you want your audience to know just how family friendly your restaurant will be, post action shots of families eating together. Kids with faces full of spaghetti sauce or a shot of a daughter feeding her father some toast will visually tell your audience that this is going to be a fun eatery for families. Family images for designs Have an upcoming presentation focused on family topics? Type “family” and “presentation” into the search bar and select “vectors” under the Image Type heading. You will instantly be presented with thousands of appropriate graphics. Add your own text to the blank space inside a banner held up by a happy family or the white space beside a drawing of a family sitting and swinging together among the stars. You can also use family icons to complement the text on your slides. When your audience sees a drawing of figurines of various sizes standing beneath a roof, they will instantly know the icon represents family. Alternatively, if you are building a parenting website, icons of women with heart symbols atop their pregnant bellies are a sweet option.

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