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Landscape images highlight the wide variety of beauty to be found in our world. Such imagery ranges wildly, from farm landscapes to fantasy landscapes, winter landscapes to spring. Within Shutterstock’s ever-growing collection of landscape imagery, you can expect to see every sort of terrain shot at various times of day and year. Whether you are looking for a high-quality landscape logo for your new environmentally oriented website or an eye-catching landscape vector tailor-made to fit a banner, Shutterstock is sure to have the landscape image to meet your needs.

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How to use landscape images creatively

Use landscape images as website backgrounds With such an extensive library of landscape images to choose from, you can find the exact sort of image you have in mind for your website background. When doing so, it is best to opt for an image that matches the tone of your brand. Want to convey to potential clients that your company is on the cutting edge of technological advancement? Try an abstract digital image of a blueprint mountain landscape. Run a website with a health and wellness focus? A gentle, soothing landscape image of a sunset seascape or a watercolor lake landscape can suggest to viewers that your services will provide a much-needed sense of relief and relaxation. If your website is oriented toward children, try a bright and artistic landscape crafted out of origami to reflect a playful tone. Use landscape images on social media While landscapes are by definition wide angle, grand scope shots, you can find stunning landscapes that shine when postmark sized for your Instagram. Look for images that are not overly busy or filled with intricate detail, as such images do not shine when dramatically reduced in size. Try searching Shutterstock’s library for landscape vectors, as these images remain high-resolution when sized up or down. You can also easily find artistic renderings of landscapes that have been designed with social media layouts in mind. These images come square-sized so that you can download and share in just a few quick clicks. Run the social media for a landscape design company? Post some hand-drawn layout plans of stunning garden designs to let potential clients know about the personal touch you bring to each project. Want to show off your company’s playful side? Try sharing a shot of a pixelated arcade game landscape with a caption such as, “How would you like to play with your garden?” Such a call-to-action can encourage audience engagement and get soon-to-be clients excited for the beautiful, creative garden designs they can expect to see in their yards if they work with you. Use landscape images for online and print marketing campaigns Launching a marketing campaign for a travel-oriented company? Landscape imagery is here to help. You can set a sunrise image as your website banner to let customers know that if they use your services, they can travel to any location under the sun. Utilize social media as a marketing outlet. Try hosting Instagram contests. Post a panoramic aerial shot clearly taken from an airplane and pair it with a call-to-action that encourages viewers to comment on your image for a chance to win travel-sized goodies. You could also add a time crunch that encourages viewers to comment quickly in order to win a prize. Do so by sharing a stunning landscape with the caption, “Where was this shot taken? First person to comment with the right answer wins…” whatever your prize may be.

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