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Beautiful and real nature imagery plays a number of roles in media art. Images of savannas, oceans, and landscapes evoke space and possibility, while forests and rivers convey high-contrast drama and motion. Nature images can also create a sense of calm, particularly waves, clouds, and forests. Because of their broad appeal, nature images make ideal backgrounds for all kinds of projects, and they layer very well with additional design elements like text or symbols.

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Using nature images for a website Nature images are excellent assets when designing a website. Because they’re so universally appealing, you know most of your visitors will appreciate what they’re seeing, no matter their walks in life. Choose broad, sweeping vistas as background images, or feature powerful, high-contrast images in your header images or banner ads. Nature images create a neutral environment, meaning your content will stand out on its own, even if you’re selling pet products or scheduling beauty appointments — nature images work with any platform. Using nature images for social media As with website design, social media is a great platform for nature images. People look for reasons to stop scrolling when viewing their social feeds, and it’s not often that one of their friends is out taking a photo of a striking mountain range or a dry desert. These images make us stop, and they evoke faraway adventures we’re not having at our desks or on our couches. For this reason, they’re a great way to set up your messaging or simply show your followers that you have good taste and an appreciation for the natural world. Nature images for presentations Presentations can benefit the most from nature images. Most presentations are boring by nature — they’re collections of data and text. Even when the presentation is about something in your field, it can be dull to work through. Images help break up this monotony and add a sense of scope and relevance to the presentation. Nature images, in particular, work well because they’re widely relatable, they pull us out of our routines, and they don’t carry any meaning other than what you see, so they can align with any presentation topic.