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Interior images highlight the rich variety of beauty to be found in interior spaces. Room interiors run the gamut from modern office interiors to classic kitchen interiors, minimalist restaurant interiors to bustling café interiors. Within Shutterstock’s vast collection, expect to see both luxury interiors that look like lived-in art museums, as well as cozy home interiors reminiscent of fairy tale cottages. Whether you are looking for an interior design logo for your new website or artfully designed home interiors to help sell your line of home goods, Shutterstock is sure to have the perfect interior image to meet your needs.

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Use interiors images as print materials By placing glossy photos of your product beside interior images, you effectively inform your intended customers of the spaces in which they could reasonably expect to put your product to good use. Customers can easily picture themselves in these spaces and get excited about your product. Selling high-fashion dresses? An interior image of a theater that features a row of ornate, red velvet seats can get a shopper excited about wearing one of your gowns to an upcoming performance. Have handmade soaps and lotions for sale? Be sure to include high-resolution interior shots of bathrooms with gorgeous modern bathtubs and a clean aesthetic. Selling office supplies? Cover your bases by including shots of both home office interiors and modern office interiors, possibly with people who are seated comfortably at their desks and look as if the ideas are flowing. Use images of interiors for marketing campaigns Interior images can work wonders for any marketing campaign. Such images invite potential customers to imagine the sort of aesthetically pleasing spaces in which they might find themselves if using your product. If your company is in the business of selling home goods, for example, then high-quality images of home interiors are key. Want customers to get excited about your new line of candles? Include photos of wintry home interiors that show snow drifting down outside a window to inspire customers to bring a little light and warmth into their own homes with your product. In the vintage furniture business? Vintage living room interiors can get your customers excited to create their own classic home vibe. Selling artwork that would be perfect for a modern kitchen? Use photos of bright and beautiful kitchen interiors that have blank framed canvases hanging above the sink or table to hint to customers that your art would look perfect in such a space. Use interior images for business branding Use interior images on your business website to inform potential customers or clients of who you are as a business. Look for images that display the sort of space that aligns with the heart of your business. Where does your team do its best work? If you want to convey that your business is powerfully competent and tech-savvy, then an ultra-modern office interior that features a floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks a sprawling cityscape may be right for you. If, on the other hand, you want to emphasize your approachability and down-to-earth attitude, then a sunlit café interior that shows a diverse array of people working on laptops or writing at a meeting table may be just the thing. You can also get playful with this approach. If, for example, your business is a small accounting firm and you want customers to know that you are on their side, you could pair a restaurant kitchen interior that shows the arms of a chef as he rolls out dough with a creative caption such as, “We are ready to roll up our sleeves to help save you some dough,” (dough here being used as a slang term for money.)