Using industrial images in print materials

  • When creating any type of printed material, images play an important role that compliments the text and makes the reading more digestible to the reader. Just like on a website, people tune out when they see large blocks of text.
  • Pamphlets and brochures that include lots of jargon about a specific industry need images, as they provide important context that the reader can scan immediately. A company that deals in industrial robotics, for example, may want to include an image of an automated robotic arm.
  • A newspaper, magazine, or textbook can also include industrial images to discuss anything from the manufacturing process of products to industrial waste to unionization in factories.
Using industrial images in print materials

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How to choose industrial images

Industrial images conjure thoughts of heavy machinery, conveyor belts, and industrial buildings. Images of factory workers, factory automation, and factory robotics are also good examples of industrial images. Everything from computer chips to coffee makers to pre-packaged food is made in factories. For news stories, web pages, or brochures, images with factory workers help humanize industrialization, as it is sometimes seen as an entirely automated process. Whether you are looking for images of people wearing protective clothing, or photos of smokestacks, stewater, and powerplants, Shutterstock’s immense library of industrial images is here for you.