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Choosing engaging illustrations and clip-art

Cute clip-art, black and white clip-art, or even clip-art borders — it takes all kinds of illustrations to bring your school, family, wedding, holiday, or business designs to life. That’s where clip-art comes in. Most clip-art images are self-contained, so you can easily cut and paste them into any project. Food, flowers, seasonal images, cartoons, and symbols are all common clip-art images, and they range in style from simple line drawings to full-color illustrations. The beauty of clip art is that it merges seamlessly into all sorts of designs, from flyers and invitations to bulletins and announcements.

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How to use illustrations and clip-art creatively

Using clip-art for website design Clip-art is perfect for website design. Because clip-art images are usually standalone, it’s easy to drag them into your website’s header image, into your background, or even into the body text to break things up visually. Many website editors will allow you to do this simply by uploading your clip-art image of choice into the design interface. If you need to create custom clip-art images on your own, you can head over to Shutterstock Editor, where you can upload and customize your images however you would like! Be consistent with the style of clip-art you use on your website. For example, if you go with a cartoon, use all cartoons to keep the browsing experience smooth. Using clip-art for social media Social media is a great place for clip-art. If you want to make a funny or clever post, perhaps announcing a wedding, a family event, or a holiday, then you can easily find a cute clip-art image in our library that helps you make your point and keep the atmosphere light and fun! Social media posts with images get more attention than those without, so by incorporating pieces of your favorite clip-art into your Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram photos, you can be sure that you get noticed and brighten someone else’s feed. Using clip-art in PowerPoint Microsoft’s famous presentation platform, PowerPoint, is perhaps one of the hottest clip-art destinations in the world. These slide-based presentations can become notoriously boring and full of things to read — which is a bad idea when you want your audience to be listening to you instead of reading a block of text. Clip-art allows you to pair pertinent, interesting, or funny images with your most important information, cutting down on heavy blocks of text, and making the presentation more pleasant (and therefore more effective!). As with any clip-art project, try to be consistent with your images, or you could create distractions that have the opposite of your intended effect.