Food and drinks images for websites

  • If your website needs new or refreshed images with food and drinks, start by focusing on the colors. Pick images with foods that match your site’s branding and color palette. Search for images that look fresh and appetizing.
  • Using closeup images of foods or liquids as backgrounds on your site is an elegant option to immerse your visitors in a new experience. High-resolution closeup visuals outline details that the viewer doesn’t usually register. Plus, the natural patterns and textures can add an organic and unique feel to your site.
  • If you’re looking to update the headers or banners on your web pages, go for foodscapes and active scenes that inspire action in your viewers. Picking food visuals with repetition, like cups of coffee in different colors and sizes, is another way to provide a rich experience for the viewer.
Food and drinks images for websites

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Choosing engaging food and drink visuals

Image libraries like Shutterstock have millions of photos, icons, and illustrations with foods and beverages, but how will you find the right ones for your project? You can follow these simple tips to search for and pick food and drink pictures that work with your project. First, play with your food. And by that we mean play with the angle of your food. Food and drink will look more interesting from unexpected angles. For example, pizzas or cookies can look appetizing in a top-down flat lay. Sandwiches and burgers make your mouth water with a side view cross section. A towering cold beverage looks especially refreshing when photographed from below. When you look for new angles, food and drink can be surprisingly artful. Second, visuals with drinks and foods are more engaging when there is no clutter. A great dish and a simple background is all you need for a great culinary image. Silverware and fancy napkins are unnecessary. Thirds, food and drink images should look realistic, without distortion or oversaturated colors. The goal of food and drink imagery is to spark an appetite, whether it’s an appetite to eat or to shop. Look for authentic images that appeal to your viewers’ eyes and stomachs.
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