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Education images capture many different aspects of education and learning. Education touches lives all over the world, in different ways, so education images are among the most diverse and varied images that people search for. Students, school buses, school buildings, and back to school images capture the daily life of the education field and reinforce the importance of education for everyone. Online education, universities, and other higher education images showcase lifelong learning and remind viewers everywhere that education is an ongoing process.
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Using education images for social media

  • Education images make great for social media posts. Because they suggest an environment of hope and possibility, they stand out in your followers’ feeds. Social media users are always looking for reasons to stop scrolling, contribute to a cause, share links to important issues, or otherwise improve their social standing.
  • Many social media users rely on their favorite platforms for opportunities to get involved, and images of people learning, studying, working together, or improving their lives are all clear indicators of content that appeals to their sensibilities. When you’re creating your post, be sure that the education image you choose aligns with the message you’re trying to share.
  • Education is a universal experience, so give your followers something interesting to see by featuring education images from around the world, as well as students of all ages and ethnicities. Inclusion works in the online image world, so use that to your advantage!
Using education images for social media