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Abstract backgrounds are universal design elements. Because they're free of implied meaning, we can enjoy them simply as compositions of light, color, texture, and movement. This means they can support any creative design project, and unlike, for example, landscapes, abstract backgrounds are not a rigid category. The category can include abstract patterns, abstract textures, abstract waves, or even 3D abstracts. There are geometric abstracts and blue abstracts and abstract architecture — any of these can work as a background in your design projects. Explore the world of abstract art and abstract design, and bring a little excitement to your creativity!

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Using abstract backgrounds on websites Abstract background images make perfect abstract wallpaper for websites. These images can appeal to a much broader audience than a specific background. It's difficult to find images that appeal to everyone the same way. If the goal behind your website is traffic, you want to be as generally appealing as possible. Abstract background images often take advantage of "movement" — the idea that the artist has captured a moment in time when all of these objects were moving, and our eyes now follow that movement. Because you want to leave room for things like navigation links, body copy, or even other images, look for an abstract background image that moves in a fashion that complements your website. Does it leave room in the negative space for important pieces of content? Can you position your other content elements over the background image and preserve the sense of movement? Does the color scheme complement your choice of text and link color? These are all considerations to keep in mind when choosing the abstract background image that's right for your web project. Abstract backgrounds for graphic designs Abstract background images are great for graphic design. Many designers like to wrap shapes and lines in abstract textures, almost as if creating a 2D sculpture out of an abstract image. This is a compelling way to create design elements that look like they mean something. Abstract background images can also set up foreground elements. If the background is abstract and full of color, light, and movement, then a straightforward foreground element, like a shape, a logo, or a product, will pop visually based on its simplicity. Pairing abstract with non-abstract elements can result in unique composites that can help a brand stand out in a world of straightforward photography and design. Abstract backgrounds for print There are a few extra considerations to keep in mind when choosing an abstract background for a print project. First is the size. Images you're going to print need to be larger and full of more detail than images you use on the web. That means they need a resolution of 300 dpi, so be sure you download the right size when you find an image you want. Secondly, digital designers can control the viewing experience of their images because they're almost guaranteed to appear backlit on a phone, a laptop, or another device with a screen. So choose simple, clean images with bold lines, plenty of contrast, and bright colors. This way, you stand your best chance of scoring a positive viewing experience when your image makes its way out into the wild.

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