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Background images for websites

  • Websites are probably the most popular use case for background images. A website, unlike a social media page, tells your visitors everything about you, your brand, or your project. You may need a background image as a header on your homepage or for the entire page layout.
  • When choosing a background image for your website, keep the user experience you’d like to communicate in mind. Do you want a serious or laid-back mood? Do you have creative branding, or is your identity more traditional? Are there colors you need to follow from your brand guidelines? These are considerations that will guide your choice of backgrounds.
  • If you plan to layer your background image with design elements or text, pick an image that’s not too intrusive or bold. Choose a minimalistic but interesting image that leaves room for the important stuff, like a headline or button.
  • If you want to pair your site’s logo with a matching background image, color palettes will help create comforting contrasts. Try a complementary or analogous colored background to make your logo stand out.
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Choosing the right background image

From Instagram posts to banner images to a website homepage, every visual you work with needs a background. Some background images are understated and soft, blending perfectly with your other visual elements. Others are high-contrast, using bold patterns and saturated colors add interest. The right background will not distract your viewer from the focal point of your creative project. Instead, it should highlight and enhance the main features of your visual, whether that’s a headline or a button.
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