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Custom platform capabilities

Localized content creation
Our global network of contributors create localized content for targeted campaigns.
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Brand calibration
Engage in a guided exercise to determine specific visual guidelines for your brand.
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Matching algorithm
We match contributors to your next project using machine learning and ongoing feedback.
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Scalable brief outputs
Transcribe detailed briefs that inform our contributors how to shoot your content.
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Dedicated client support
Collaborate with a dedicated success team for onboarding and professional services.
Shutterstock Custom unique on-brand content
Unique on-brand content
Bespoke engaging content that's tailored to your visual brand guidelines.

How to use Shutterstock Custom

Calibrate your visual identity

A detailed brand calibration process standardizes people, product, lighting, and environmental variables that build a visual identity for your brand.

Structured creative content briefs

Import your visual calibration guidelines into our brief wizard to develop standardized briefs that lay the foundation for consistent visual content.

Match with the ideal contributor

Our matching algorithm aligns your brief requirements to skilled contributors so you receive the highest quality in custom visual content.

Receive custom assets in 3-6 weeks

Once you've completed your brand and brief calibrations, receive unique content from your matched contributor in a 3-6 week timeframe.


Do even more with the Shutterstock Custom platform

Learn more about MobileWorks, our optimization services, Smart Brief, and our contributor network.


Custom content offerings

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NEW! Video footage
Footage in 5, 10, 15, or 30 second videos, or arrange for full production shoots.
Shutterstock Custom Image Examples
Custom images of people, products, or environments.
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Highly-engaging, shareable visual stories created for your brand.
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A unique blend of photographs and infinitely looping motion graphics.
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Convert to motion
Unique visuals converted into attention-grabbing linear motion formats.
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360 content
Immersive, engaging visual formats.

Introducing Mobile Works

The MobileWorks program enables advertisers to repurpose existing assets into mobile-optimized video content.
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