Studios Unltd Intro
UnLtd is an organisation connecting media, marketers, and creatives with charities that work with at-risk children and young people. They communicate with their target audience through a portfolio of 20+ events each year as well as through roadshows, partner events, and face to face meetings. UnLtd also uses EDMs, presentations, social media and websites to make the necessary connections. UnLtd makes a positive impact in the lives of young people who are at risk. Their brand purpose is to ensure that every young Australian has unlimited opportunity to fulfill their potential. UnLtd uses the talent, resources, and fundraising efforts of the industry to realise their mission. They also produce various marketing collateral and content that helps get the message out.

Finding the right content

  • The biggest pain point facing the UnLtd team, in regards to producing content for their campaigns, is finding the right types of visuals for their unique needs. Due to their charity partners working with some of the most vulnerable children, it’s difficult to secure the proper permissions for photos of those children. Nina Nyman is Chief Marketing Officer for UnLtd. She describes the struggle to find effective visual content as trying to illustrate the struggles of the children they support in a way that appears authentic and empathetic. "In the past, we’ve had to rely on generic photos of children, which are very time consuming to source. Given that our target market is the creative industry, this is an industry that recognises content from regular stock imagery. Using those assets can make us look inauthentic." - Nina Nyman, CMO, UnLtd
Un'Ltd content creation challenge