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NAD is a historic high-fidelity audio company built on the principle that excellent sound quality is possible at an excellent value. The brand has a strong cult following due to the success of its 3020 Integrated Amplifier, first released in 1978 and which holds the record for best-selling integrated amplifier in history. because it was affordable but sounded as good (and sometimes better) than hi-fi systems many times the price. Those same values that made the brand so successful in the 1970s and 1980s remains true to this day even today, making NAD ownership a rite of passage for music lovers seeking detailed and nuanced sound for the music they enjoy. In many ways, the NAD story is one of a relentless belief that music can evoke profound emotions and bring great enjoyment and enrichment to our lives, and that those are fundamental human experiences that should be accessible to everyone through affordable audio technologies. Therefore, it was important for NAD to tell its brand story through the eyes of the people that best understood that a great stereo system opened the door to an emotional connection to music, and that did not require huge sums of money like other companies may have you believe. In this vein, NAD’s marketing team decided that the #MyFirstNAD video series, produced through Shutterstock, was the ideal vehicle to document customer stories of discovering music, discovering the brand, and connecting the two to create meaningful connections to the music they love.

Reaching the NAD target audience

  • The types of people who purchase NAD products vary depending on the interests of the customer. The resurgent popularity of vinyl certainly appeals to a much younger audience. Younger customers are coming back to stereo, buying amplifiers and bookshelf speakers in a new musical revolution. Music is a very subjective art form tastes in music vary from person to person, punctuated by very specific sounds that resonate throughout the mind and the body. In addition to selective musical tastes, the NAD creative team was very conscious of the demand for high-quality content from music lovers. Video content, in particular, is becoming more and more popular on social media and other channels. Engaging with people on those platforms requires a steady pace of high-quality video content to capture people’s attention and intrigue the musicians within. Producing a steady stream of video content that maintains the high standards of both the brand and the audience requires a lot of resources. The NAD brand is distributed in over 84 countries, meaning a need to document the experiences of a wide range of customers. NAD would either need to invest in sending video production teams around the world or use a service that has production teams located in numerous geographic markets.

    "For us to be able to produce video content - not at a rapid pace, but at a steady pace - that can keep our audience engaged, and keep our feeds looking fresh was really important to us."

    - Scott Wicks, Campaigns Lead, NAD Electronics
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The art behind the art

NAD M10: Statement of the Art - “Haydn’s London Symphony No. 104”
NAD M10: Statement of the Art - “Touch”
NAD M10: Statement of the Art - "Goodbye"