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Shutterstock Editorial’s global team of photographers is on the frontlines, covering the world’s biggest and most relevant events. Use their visuals to bring your campaigns to life—all while enjoying full legal protection and peace of mind.

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Choose from a library of over 50 million editorial and archival images and videos to help you increase your reach and make an impact. Follow our live feed of 20,000 new assets added each day and access the content to get your story told. Note: Asset Assurance™ is subject to Shutterstock’s legal review and approval. It offers indemnification, alongside your commercial license, for use in specific campaigns.


Curated Editorial Collections

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Testimonials from our clients



"We love being able to use the editorial content without the risk. The AA team works to help us be able to use content that would otherwise be unusable, by taking that risk for us."



"Asset Assurance is brilliant at keeping my clients campaigns safe, secure and cleared of any problems. A really quick process with a minimum of fuss for everyone involved."

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