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Leading email and ad creation platform, Zoho Campaigns, delivers Shutterstock images to enable users to create memorable marketing content quickly

Text-based content relies on visual elements to quickly captivate prospects and make a positive impression in a small amount of time. To boost content performance, Zoho Campaigns is leveraging Shutterstock’s image library to allow users to access high-quality images for their email and ad campaigns across various social channels.

Not only are Zoho users able to search, preview, and license millions of high-quality images, Zoho has automated the process of optimizing these images for responsiveness across devices with different display dimensions. Moreover, all images are automatically scaled for size and resolution to deliver the best content experience for their users’ intended audience.

Currently, Zoho is in the process of transitioning from the Bigstock API to the Shutterstock API in order to expand their visual content library. Once the Shutterstock API is live, users will have more than 200 million images, illustrations, and icons to choose from to quickly scale and craft personalized emails and ads.

In the competitive landscape of email and ad creation platforms, Zoho is leveraging its robust integrations as a competitive advantage that enhances the creative experience and maximizes user success.

How can the Shutterstock API help you stand out from the competition? Contact us today to get a free demo.

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