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Zazzle, a leading custom print and merchandise company, integrated the Shutterstock API to inspire users to unleash their full creativity

Zazzle is a technology-driven company that allows consumers to express their individuality through products ranging from phone cases, pet collars, fabrics, canvas prints, and more.

However, every consumer is unique and catering to every design need is a Herculean task that would involve countless artists working around the clock.

To address this issue, Zazzle has integrated the Shutterstock API to access our library with over 200 million high-quality images, vectors, and illustrations.

As a company dedicated to providing world-class products for its consumers, Zazzle is taking on a curatorial approach through the Shutterstock API. That is, instead of presenting their users with the full Shutterstock library, their design team processes our library internally, curates collections containing the visuals they believe will delight consumers, and then presents those collections to the end consumers.

The integration with Shutterstock reflects Zazzle’s mission to “give people the power to make anything imaginable”. With curated content from over 450,000 photographers, artists, and illustrators around the globe, Zazzlers have more options than ever to make their imaginations come alive.

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Cover image by pernsanitfoto

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