With the 2014 FIFA World Cup only weeks away, many Shutterstock contributors are already submitting World Cup related images. As the excitement builds, such images are in high demand among our customers.

If you’re submitting images, however, keep in mind that FIFA is very protective of their name and brand, and Shutterstock reviewers will reject images that violate FIFA’s restrictions. These restrictions apply to most World Cup related images, including images of players, venues, and the World Cup logo.

Generally speaking, most images that contain imagery specific to the World Cup should be submitted as Editorial Use. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Commercial Use Images

Content restrictions: Only content using general football/soccer terms or imagery may be submitted for commercial use on Shutterstock. Your images may not contain:

  • Official World Cup Emblem
  • Official World Cup Mascot
  • Official Slogan “ Juntos num só ritmo”/ “All in one rhythm”
  • Official Look Element (design)
  • FIFA World Cup Trophy
  • Official Poster
  • Official Fan Fest Logo
  • Words and phrases “Brazil 2014”, “FIFA” and “World Cup”
  • FIFA.COM Logo
  • Match schedule

Please note that we will not accept soccer themed images containing the words “Brazil” and “2014” in the same image (soccer themed images containing only the word “Brazil” OR “2014” will be reviewed on a case by case basis).

Keywords: “Brazil 2014”, “FIFA” and “World Cup” should not be used as keywords, in the title/description, or as a part of the image in soccer/football themed images.

Editorial Use Images

Pictures taken inside stadiums: Only images that are taken by officially accredited photographers can be submitted to Shutterstock. If you happen to be in the stadium as a fan, we will not be able to accept your images even for editorial purposes. Please read this blog post about credentials.

Pictures taken outside stadiums: We will accept images from the sights and activities around the stadium like any other editorial content. If the event is a ticketed event, we require to see the credentials before we can review your content. If it is a free, open, and un-ticketed event you may submit your content as editorial under the existing guidelines.

Keywords: There are no keyword restrictions for editorial images.

— Compiled by members of the Shutterstock content team

Top photo: © Natursports/Shutterstock

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