When we began working on the launch plan for Shutterstock for iPad months ago, we knew we wanted to do something really creative to communicate just how beautifully the app showcases the millions of images in our library. We got the team together for some brainstorming and decided to do a video highlighting three things: 1) the intimacy afforded by the iPad, 2) the images, and 3) the experience of bringing extraordinary images to life. These three things are, after all, the very essence of the app.

Conveying intimacy was the easy part: Girl + Bathtub. Check. Then came the fun part: deciding which images to bring to life. With 17 Million of them, we had no shortage of ideas. We talked about the iconic “handshake,” circus performers, dragons, magicians, cupcakes, rose petals, and chickens. (Just to name a few.) Our two main requirements were it had to be in our library and we had to be able to find it locally. To see the images that inspired the video, check out our lightbox.

By the time our shooting date rolled around, we were armed with a 5-scene script, a full cast & crew, and of course, a prototype of the app. When I arrived on set that Sunday morning, Charlotte, the star of the short film, was already in the tub getting the finishing touches on her makeup. I walked over to her, gave her the iPad, and as we began discussing the first scene, we were abruptly interrupted by a hysterically laughing parrot, named Sophie. Apparently this parrot had a special affection toward female voices. What a way to start a shoot! As we went through scene after scene, shuffling characters and props, Sophie remained a constant positive energy in the room – occasionally greeting us with “I love you” as we entered and left the stage where she was perched.

Parrot aside, filming and producing this video was a pretty exciting experience – as I’m sure any of you who’ve worked on a video production can attest to. We shot at a loft in SoHo, NYC, and managed to get the whole thing (all 5 scenes) done in 1 day. Charlotte, (who’s at least 6-feet tall), was cramped in the bathtub for more than 10 hours, the lion dancers had us all inspired with their ability to crouch down and prance across the stage energetically as one unit (yes, there were two people in that elaborate lion costume), and our awesome line producer doubled as a bubble producer, whipping up bottle after bottle of Dawn dish soap to fill the bathtub. Then came the really hard part of editing it all together, cutting it down (and down and down), chasing talent agreements, and adding in the music and sound effects…

Shutterstock for iPad is something we are very proud of here, and our goal with this film was to convey just how different the search experience can be on this device. We hope the end result is one you will enjoy as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you’d like to read more about Shutterstock for iPad, click here. Enjoy the film and stay tuned for deleted scenes.


For full viewing experience, check out our Vimeo Pro page. Love the song? It’s Winter Fear by the Jacobins. Download it for free, here.

And of course, if you have an iPad and still don’t have our app, what are you waiting for? Download Shutterstock for iPad now.

Meagan Kirkpatrick
Director, Social Media & Public Relations