Beyond creative assets, Shutterstock offers workflow solutions to help users work faster and with greater control. Through the Shutterstock partner program, your users can access these tools on your platform.

Since 2003, Shutterstock has grown into more than a marketplace for royalty-free assets. Today, Shutterstock has evolved to meet and preempt user needs for efficient visual search, custom editing capabilities, and cross-platform integrations.

Workflow Solutions

How Shutterstock’s Workflow Solutions Can Enhance Your Product — Workflow Solutions
Shutterstock composition search
  • Reveal: Chrome extension that allows users to match any image online with a similar Shutterstock image that is licensable.
  • Refine: Users can select multiple images and allow Shutterstock’s computer vision technology to generate images with a similar look and feel.
  • Composition search: Allows users to search by dragging keywords to the desired location on a canvas.
  • Copy Space: Surfaces images with the appropriate amount of white space in the desired location to make overlaying text easy.
  • Shutterstock Editor: Resize or crop images to preset or custom sizes, add text, filters, and edit images quickly and easily.

Available for Integration

Reverse image search

Search by image via Shutterstock reverse image search
Shutterstock reverse image search.

Shutterstock’s reverse image search uses computer vision technology to surface results that best match the original image in color, composition, and feel. Our reverse image search is trained with one of the largest and cleanest multimedia datasets in the world: Shutterstock’s library of over 200 million images, which all have been reviewed for metadata accuracy by our global network of professional reviewers.

Currently, this is available through the Shutterstock API, which means that your users can enjoy reverse image search without you having to train computer vision models yourself.

This feature is particularly useful for ad, website, email, and content creation platforms because it allows users to select any image on the internet and find a similar licensable image to use in their campaigns. Moreover, the Shutterstock API allows you to deliver reverse image search natively in your platform, which prevents users from having to leave your interface to source media assets.

Shutterstock Editor

Shutterstock Editor in action.
Shutterstock Editor

With preset sizes, templates, and intuitive editing tools, Shutterstock Editor is an efficient way to create impactful designs that are ready for distribution across any channel.

The Shutterstock Editor is a good fit for platforms whose users would benefit from the following:

  • Fast asset resizing for immediate upload to social media channels.
  • Image editing for consistency between royalty-free images and existing assets or specific branding requirements.
  • Overlaying text and other design elements on images.

Benefits for Platforms

Benefits for platforms.
Image by Andrey_Popov.

Increase user retention with optimized workflows

Every halt in the user’s creative workflow (including manually customizing settings, formatting, and uploading media assets) increases cognitive load and delays project completion. While some of these are unavoidable, minimizing workflow interruptions can make a significant impact on project completion rates.

A Shutterstock API integration helps to consolidate the assets and functionalities your end users need in one complete package. This boosts user engagement by increasing the volume of projects created. After all, if you can help your customers complete tasks quickly, you can build a loyal following of users that will return to your product time and time again.

Product improvements without significant developer resources

Since every product team faces time and resource constraints, deciding what to prioritize often involves a trade-off between creating new features and optimizing existing ones.

While some product features must be created in-house, you don’t have to develop every feature from scratch. For example, if the Shutterstock Editor fits within your product roadmap, it makes sense to opt for an integration and conserve developer bandwidth for other priority projects.

Boost revenue through optimized user experience

Research shows that the stocks of companies with a focus on user experience design outperformed the S&P index by 228% over the course of a decade. With this correlation to a company’s financial performance, UX optimization is something that can’t be overlooked.

An optimized UX is a frictionless experience from start to finish. With Shutterstock’s vast image library, reverse image search and editing solution, platforms can improve UX by helping users pinpoint the perfect image and customize it until it’s an exact fit for the visual in their mind.


As Shutterstock’s content library grew, so did the needs of its users. Through our partnership program, Shutterstock is able to meet the needs of technology platforms whose end users can benefit from our workflow tools. Currently, our API partners include world-leading companies such as Facebook, IBM, Wix, and Google.

Looking ahead, Shutterstock API will continue to roll out additional functionalities to pass along workflow improvements from our platform to yours. How can we help your business grow?

Cover image by mihalec.

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