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With the much-anticipated release of the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey happening this week, we felt inspired to curate an image collection adhering to a palette of actual grays. Winter is in full swing in much of the world, a time when the barren beauty of monochrome landscapes becomes analogous with decay, mystery, and creatures in hibernation — all an equal source of inspiration for this collection.

Although this mid-tone may lack color, in no way does it eschew vibrancy and seduction. When bright hues are removed, subjects are laid bare — every line, texture, and shape revealed — allowing us to focus on truth. Scroll on to see 14 variations of the achromatic palette, then view the entire 50 Shades of Gray image collection for more of the beauty inherent in form, architecture, nature, and humanity.

The Licensing Project | Close-up of lips

Alice Gao | Front view of margarita glasses

The Licensing Project | Detail of man's suit

Michael Mann / fStop | Double exposure of crane

Galeries | Exterior of industrial buildings

David Prince | Top view of arranged shells

Tetra Images | X-ray image showing handbag containing pistol 

Paul Sirisalee | Shavings of a charcoal eyeliner pencil 

Nick Ogonosky | Figure holding drum sticks

Michael Bennett | Collection of old bottles

Asami Zenri | Cat sitting on folded fabric

Maryanne Gobble | Young boy in the forest

Maryanne Gobble | Misty forest scene

Silke Klewitz-Seemann / Westend61 | Arabian horse galloping 

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Top Image: Woman lying in harsh sunlight in grey studio by Dmitry Zubarev.

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