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When it comes to brand storytelling, authenticity must be a key part of your message. People are all too reluctant to trust advertisements or sales-like communications.

An authentic brand has a compelling story, which catches people’s attention. When people react to your content, they actively choose to engage with your brand. A consistent experience with your content boosts consumer affinity towards your brand and, ultimately, improves brand recall.

People remember what appeals to their interests. Dating back to our earliest days on this earth, we as people have always loved to hear a good story and, if the story was really good, we longed to hear it again.

It’s the same idea with brand storytelling and content marketing. If the story captures people’s attention, they’ll eagerly await to hear more from your brand. That’s why authentic content is so crucial to effective digital marketing. Capturing people’s attention begins with the right content.

90% of consumers want authentic content

This is a number that’s been tossed around quite a bit in the past year. Time Inc. conducted a study involving 17,000+ participants from a variety of generations. They asked numerous questions regarding their thoughts towards content created by brands for marketing purposes.

The results, published to AdWeek’s digital platform, showed an overwhelming preference for authentic brand storytelling. 90% of respondents said they best respond to brands that create authentic visual or video content.

If that’s not enough reason to scale authentic content creation, here are some other key takeaways from the Time Inc. study.

  • 89% of consumers believe authentic content helps brands break through the online clutter
  • 57% feel brands are more creative and interesting with authentic content
  • 56% of people like that brands are not just selling, but sharing something cool or teaching them
  • 56% appreciate brands that partner with sources they trust to create content

This should be the meat of your content creation strategy. Consumers are telling you exactly how to get their attention and make them trust your brand’s story. They want your brand to use authentic content to engage them with a compelling hook.

Implant your brand identity into your content

Part of being authentic means showing people who you really are. Authentic content goes beyond the boilerplate and gives consumers a taste of the real personality behind the brand.

This is why it’s important to customize and scale your brand’s unique visual identity. Your brand identity is a visual representation of all the benefits, values, and positioning people can expect from engaging with your brand.

Your brand identity is similar to a traditional “brand bible.” It helps consumers recognize what makes your brand unique to all other competitors in the marketplace.

Your brand identity is a blended style of colors, tones, environments, angles, and lighting that best represent your brand. Ensure all creative assets follow these guidelines so you can promote a consistent identity and narrative to your audience.

Follow the lead of the leaders

Several brands have customized unique visual identities and created content consistently aligned to those guidelines. The fruits of their labors have led to unique experiences for their target audiences and warm receptions of the content.

Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate specializes in producing exceptional Jamaican rum. They use content to promote a social lifestyle involving close friends enjoying a good drink at the end of a long day.

They run several campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to engage with would-be consumers. They require lots of content to ramp up those promotions, and need a consistent look and feel in their content.

By leveraging technology, they were able to ramp up content creation and maintain the qualitative standards of the brand identity.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 10.11.08 AM.png


Samsung’s branding conveys a fundamental relationship between their products and the people who use them. Bright light and warm colors strengthen their content to surround people who use the devices with ease.

They promote their brand as an essential part of any person’s day to day life. Their content features both people and products in lifestyle settings to illustrate the ease of use and practicality of including Samsung in daily activities.


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