We’re a naturally curious bunch here at Shutterstock. So we got to wondering: What cool images from our collection are people storing in their Collections? With this new feature, we’re setting out to get some answers — and inspiration — by turning the spotlight on the personal selections of the designers and creatives in our community.

To kick things off, we didn’t have to look any further than our own office, where designer Adriana Marin has been stockpiling some pretty fantastic imagery. Known in our halls for her fabulous taste in all things visual, Adriana has more than 400 Collections (!!), each containing about 40 images for projects like iPhone skin designs, banners, postcards, and other creative concepts.

We asked Adriana to curate a special collection of her favorite images from that massive repository, and she responded with  Collections ranging from spectacular sunsets to whimsical mutants. Here’s an inside look at a few of the images she’s loving in her Collections right now.


Who: Adriana “Nana” Marin, Shutterstock Production Designer

Collections Name: Nana’s Favorites

Favorite Contributors: Larissa Kulik, Mayer George, Cristian Amoretti, Transfuchsian, Evgeniya Porechenskaya, Eugene Ivanov, jumpingsack, conrado, Ruth Black, Anna Ismagilova, Larry Jacobsen, Johan Swanepoel

Adriana’s Collections Highlights

Hammocks on a Beach at Sunset by Jess Kraft

“This beautiful image was taken in La Guajira in the northeast region of Colombia. I can almost imagine that I’m there, enjoying a peaceful afternoon and taking a nap in one of those hammocks!”

Sailor Mutant by Cristian Amoretti

“My childhood love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men has left a warm place in my heart for mutant characters. This image is also on a postcard series I designed for the 2013 HOW Design Live conference in San Francisco. Stop by the Shutterstock booth this week and pick one up!”

Gemsbok Dual by Johan Swanepoel

“What a powerful image with lots of movement! I grew up reading National Geographic with my father and brother, and this reminds me of an image from that magazine. I really want to frame it and hang it in my apartment.”

Elegant Lady in Green Dress by Gromovataya

“I love the use of deep colors and patterning here. This one sort of reminds me of a Frida Kahlo portrait.”

Toronto Riot by arindambanerjee

“I was following the story of the Russian feminist art collective Pussy Riot. I came across this image and thought it was great how our contributors are so in tune with current issues affecting the world at large.”

Cyclists at Sunrise by Amy Johansson

“This is so much more than just a photo of cyclists. I love how the lighting and shadows create different shapes on the pavement.”

Check out all of the images in Adriana’s Collections of favorites here »

Want to share your inspiration? Post a link to your Collections in the comments for a chance to be featured in our next “What’s in Your Collections?” post.

Top Image: “Girl with Birds” by Annette Shaff