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18 Marketing Holidays That Will Make You Go, "Huh?"

18 Marketing Holidays That Will Make You Go, Huh?

There seems to be a holiday for just about everything. But, are all of them worthy of your brand’s Instagram feed? You be the judge.

Social media holidays can be fun (National Donut Day, anyone?). But some of them are a little, well, bizarre. Take a look at some of the weirdest faux holidays of the year—and, by all means, use our images to celebrate them. Because every day is “You Do You Day” at Shutterstock.

1. January 25: Opposite Day 

A neon sign expressing January 25th as Opposite Day
Image via Sharafat Ali88.

Remember when you were a kid and you sarcastically expressed your distaste for something by saying that you liked it . . . “ON OPPOSITE DAY”? Well, it turns out Opposite Day is real. So is Santa Claus (on opposite day).

2. February 18: National Battery Day

Batteries are important. They power smoke detectors, cars, and the phone you’ll use to tweet about . . . batteries.

3. March 4: National Grammar Day

Me: Who is Grammar Day really for?

My 8th grade English Teacher: Whom.

4. March 4: National Day of Unplugging (First Friday of March)

Unplug—but don’t forget to Tweet about it first using the hashtag #NationalDayOfUnplugging.

5. March 15: National Napping Day 

Also known as “Sunday.”

6. March 18: Awkward Moments Day

Why relive your most awkward moments before bed when you can relive them all day long?

7. April 16: National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Next you’re going to tell me I can write this list from the comfort of my own bed. Oh, wait . . .

8. April 17: Haiku Poetry Day

please do not make me

read terrible poetry

for an entire day

The word "Haiku" in all caps is drawn with chalk on a wooden table with pretty white flowers surrounding it
Image via simonidadj.

9. April 20: National Look-Alike Day 

Ah, yes, a chance to convince yourself you look like _____ [insert name of gorgeous celebrity you only slightly resemble].

Brad Pitt is seen at an event wearing a casual gray suit and glasses
Image via Grey82.

10. May 21: National Memo Day 

Note (memo?) to self: If you see someone celebrating this day, resist the urge to comment: “I didn’t get the memo.” It’s not National Dad Joke Day.

The word "Memo" written in orange on a white piece of paper surrounded by different colored pencils and wadded up pieces of yellow and blue paper
Image via MGiuliana.

11. May 29: Paperclip Day

Those things you can never find when you need them? Let’s celebrate the fact that they’re in a drawer somewhere.

12. June 21: National Selfie Day 

At last, the elusive selfie makes an appearance on social media.

13. June 24: National Handshake Day 

Extinct since 2020.

A cute Persian kitten shakes hands with his human parent
Image via alis yimyen.

14. July 30: Talk in an Elevator Day

Oh, hell no, Bob.

A man wearing an orange turtleneck and a woman holding a tray of coffee cups stand in an open elevator looking kind of annoyed
Image via Dmytro Zinkevych.

15. September 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day 

Does this holiday just entail saying “ahoy, matey” all day, or?

16. October 30: National Publicist Day

“You have a 10 a.m. with The New York Times and a 2 p.m. with Buzzfeed, and here’s the copy for your National Publicist Day post. Don’t forget to tag me.”

A woman types the words "Yes I Can" on a green vintage typewriter on her desk
Image via

17. December 8: Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

Hmm . . . why would anyone want to time travel now??? Let me think, let me think.

Time travel concept with a silhouette of a man walking through space
Images via Who is Danny.

18. December 27: No Interruptions Day 

Perfect timing for when you have your in-laws over for the holidays.

A senior couple having dinner together. The man seems annoyed at being interrupted while reading his newspaper
Image via

Cover image via Stokkete.

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