Using the same images over and over? Re-engage your customers and avoid marketing fatigue by giving your visual marketing a refresh with these quick tips.

Cover image via Ahmet Misirligul

If you’ve got collateral out in the market, like display ads, Facebook banners, blog posts – really anything in digital marketing – it’s likely that the same consumers have seen them a few times. Think about a commercial that you’ve seen 5, 10, what feels like 100 times. Your customers might be experiencing “marketing fatigue,” which happens even more often in this media-crazy marketing landscape. One quick way to fix this is to re-engage your customers with new content.

Making totally new content can be consuming and expensive. You don’t need a complete makeover, just a freshening up. Give your visual marketing new life by simply swapping out the imagery for new, in-season images.

Here’s a few things to remember when you’re refreshing your visual marketing, plus a couple of quick ways to make it happen.

Consider Timing When Selecting Images

Consider the timing of your ads or other marketing collateral. What season is it? What Holidays are coming up? Are there events in the news cycle that you should be conscious of? Take these things into consideration when you’re refreshing your branding, as it could be the guiding theme for your imagery (or help you avoid a few PR snafus down the road).

Left image via Andrey Yurlov; Right image via Jacob Lund

For example, an image of a winter setting might be glaringly out-of-place during the summer months. Swap it out quickly by keeping the subject matter the same and just updating the setting.

If you’re planning on seasonal or Holiday-themed images, check out Shutterstock Bundles. These image packs are conveniently curated for you with tons of themes to choose from, all at an affordable price.

Test Images to Find the Best Performing

It’s always useful to test a few versions of the same ad to see hat’s performing best. A/B testing your imagery is simple; keep the design and message the same, but run a couple images. See which design is performing best in the market, and use that to allocate funds. You can also take these learnings to shape your image strategy and guide your next refresh. However, don’t rely on one test to shape your entire image strategy. Test often to figure out what your audience is responding to, as it will always be changing.

Quickly Refresh Your Images in Shutterstock Editor

You can refresh your imagery quickly with Shutterstock Editor. There are a couple ways to get started…

Refresh Images from Your Saved Content in Editor

If you’ve previously worked in Editor, you’ll have saved content. That means you already have your design ready to go, and you can simply license a new image to include in the refreshed version. You might consider trying different colors or a new message as well, but even if you just update the imagery your ad will feel brand new.

Tips to Give Your Marketing a Quick and Simple Image Refresh – Saved Images in Editor

Add New Imagery to Templates in Editor

You can also select from a pre-designed template, if you’re not keen on designing or simply don’t have the time. Navigate to the Templates (T) section on the left sidebar, and choose your favorite template from hundreds of options. You can easily replace the images included by using the Search tool (S) and typing in keywords, or uploading your own assets.

Tips to Give Your Marketing a Quick and Simple Image Refresh – Templates in Editor

You can see how simple it is to give your visuals an refresh using Shutterstock Editor. Try it out for yourself, then create a schedule for yourself to update you in-market visuals and keep your branding fresh!

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