Update 12/14/12: This contest is closed to new entries, but check out our amazing winners and then enter the latest Viewfinder Challenge!

Clarification (Updated 11/6/12): To ensure entry into the Viewfinder Challenge #3, only use the tag “viewfinderchallenge3” and NOT “viewfinderchallenge2.” Apologies for any confusion.

– The Viewfinder Challenge Team

Viewfinder Challenge

A few months ago, we launched the Viewfinder Challenge – the competition that gives you the chance to put your work in the spotlight and win very special prizes. The first two installments brought in some truly impressive work, so we can’t wait to see what you do with this one!

Our theme for November is:

Think Green: Sustainability and Your Environment

The world is constantly evolving, and as a species, we need to evolve with it to ensure our continued survival. A focus on the environment is more important now than ever, which is why we want you to show us your visions for a greener future.

What are people doing in your community to promote sustainability? Do you embrace wind power? Solar power? Biodegradable packaging? What do the faces of a more environmentally conscious society look like? How is it mirrored in nature?

Upload your photos, illustrations, vectors, and footage clips reflecting on these issues and other green ideas for a chance to win our latest Viewfinder Challenge.


Our esteemed team of judges will review all the entries and choose their favorites. One grand-prize winner in each category – photo, vector/illustration, and footage – will then be announced and will receive an exclusive custom Rickshaw bag available only to our esteemed Viewfinder Challenge winners, and nobody else!

VFC Winner Custom Rickshaw Bag

VFC Winner Custom Rickshaw Bag

In addition to the three grand-prize winners, we’ll also be selecting Honorable Mentions in each category, who will all receive some serious Shutterstock swag.


All contributors are eligible to enter. Simply upload NEW work to the Shutterstock site as with normal submissions, and include the keyword “Viewfinderchallenge3” in your tags.

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 11.06.21 AM

ONLY NEW WORK (work accepted on or after the official start date of November 1, 2012) IS ELIGIBLE.

The deadline for submissions is Midnight, November 30th, 2012.

Note: All entries must abide by the official Shutterstock Viewfinder Challenge Terms & Conditions.

Content submitted on or before November 30 deadline and tagged with ViewfinderChallenge3 will be entered into the competition. This is true regardless of when it makes it through the review process. We’ll make sure that every eligible submission is examined by the judges.

Remember—your entries are judged based on quality, inspiration, originality, composition, and relevance to the theme, so show us your very best!

All entries must abide by the Official Shutterstock Viewfinder Challenge Terms & Conditions.

P.S. Here are 5 tips to get your images and clips noticed by the judges:

  • Don’t spam with entries–make sure your Viewfinder Challenge entries represent your very best.
  • Please only submit one image per shoot or production for the contest. Feel free to upload all images, but only tag your best with “viewfinderchallenge3”.
  • Create authentic content. We know from our customers’ requests that natural (not overly posed) photos and footage are highly desired.
  • Create original content–be inspired by the images around you, but we want to know how you see the world.
  • Stay away from the cliché!