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Shutterstock View In Room AR Tool

Preview Images in Any Room With Our New AR Tool

Shutterstock’s first augmented reality feature lets you preview images in your room, so you can see how pictures look before you license.

Shutterstock View In Room AR Tool

After years of advancing our in-house computer vision technology to enhance search capabilities on web and mobile, we’re excited to announce our first Augmented Reality feature.

The new “View in Room” feature allows Shutterstock’s iOS app users to visualize how a Shutterstock image would look in real life. You can use your camera phone to virtually position any of Shutterstock’s 250 million images against the wall in a room of your choosing.

This is yet another great project to have been developed from its initial iteration at our annual employee Hackathon, Hack to the Future. We put this hack into production because of its potential to have an immediate customer impact.

Shutterstock customers are increasingly using the collection in the form of in-home, in-store or in-office artwork, for retail spaces or for restaurant decor. Now, rather than imagining how a new image will look hanging on your wall, you can bring your imagination one step closer to reality by simply using the app to view virtually in a room before licensing.

Shutterstock’s in-house mobile team leveraged the iOS ARKit framework to create this virtual reality experience, enabling customers to interact with the expansive Shutterstock collection in a whole new way.

The “View in Room” tool is available on the Shutterstock Customer iPhone application in the app store today.

Top image via MyraMyra

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