Shutterstock is proud to team up with CreativeMornings, whose events unleash the imaginations of creative people the world over. To that end, we’re sponsoring this month’s CreativeMornings global theme, Freedom, and celebrating the occasion with a series of video interpretations.

These videos highlight impactful quotes about Freedom from CreativeMornings talks, hand-curated by the CreativeMornings crew and produced by our own in-house design and motion-graphics teams.

Check them out, hen see which Shutterstock clips were used to create them in our Freedom clipbox, below.

Quote from Brent Dixon’s CreativeMornings/Austin talk, “Designer, Musician & Educator.”

Quote from Josh Rose’s CreativeMornings/LA talk, “Commercial Art, Commercial Conversation.”

Quote from Jason VanLue’s CreativeMornings/Orlando talk.

Video 1 designed and edited by Jordan Roland; video 2 & 3 by Niko Brown.

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