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Slidely Integrates Shutterstock API

Video Marketing Tools to Increase Customer Engagement

As consumer video engagement increases, so do the opportunities for businesses to create engaging video content.

From reading online publications to browsing social networks like Facebook and Instagram, consumers spend more and more time on their smart devices.

The consumption of video content continues to rise, and marketers all over the world are working hard to keep up with this medium to reach their customers both on-site and through advertising. According to a study by IAB, advertisers are spending on average more than $9 million annually for their brands’ Digital Video advertising, representing a 67% increase from two years ago.

To help businesses and brands of all sizes address this increase in video consumption and better engage their users, Shutterstock recently integrated its collection of more than 10 million video clips directly within two platforms: Promo by Slidely and

Promo by Slidely helps businesses of any size quickly and easily create affordable promotional videos. After a recent Shutterstock integration, Promo users now have access to a diverse collection of video clips to create beautiful and effective video advertisements. Promo makes creative videos accessible to businesses of all sizes, and you can start creating your Promo video here.

Video Marketing Tools to Increase Customer Engagement — Promo

With Promo, you can also choose from hundreds of ready-made collections that include creative ideas and marketing copy — already in place. Share your ideas with colleagues, and once you agree on the best clips and a solid story, you can begin downloading the video content you need to create the final promotional video in a matter of minutes.

The Aberdeen Group found that Companies that use video marketing grow revenue 49% faster YoY than non-users. In a recent State of Video Marketing survey, 81% of businesses confirmed they use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% in the 2017 survey. With these numbers in mind, your business website is another place where video can affect customer engagement. In October 2017, we announced a partnership with Wix that included images from our collection with the goal of empowering businesses to tell their stories and create beautiful websites for their digital presence. Today, Wix’s website builder now offers Shutterstock’s collection of high-quality video content to make it easy for its users around the globe to create beautiful websites with professional content.

Wix customers can now search through Shutterstock Videos and select the clip they want for their website.

The tool is simple to navigate, allowing users to easily embed the clip directly into their project.

Learn more about using video content to promote your business on here.

These two tools are perfect for businesses and brands looking for an affordable solution to connect with their audiences in a more visually engaging way. Be sure to plan the narrative you want to share with your customers in advance. You can start by creating some storyboard scenarios and quickly searching for the clips that best deliver that story.

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