You don’t have to lug around heavy cameras and equipment to make it as a pro. Check out these quick and easy tips for using the Google Pixel 3 for photography.

Having a camera readily available is a must for any photographer, whether professional or amateur. Using the Google Pixel 3 for photography might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when creating professional stock images, but maybe it should be. Now more than ever, phones have the ability to create impactful images that rival DSLR quality. There is also a major advantage to using a phone while traveling, among many other tips we will share in the following article.

Using the Google Pixel 3 for photography has its advantages. The Google Pixel 3 arguably has the best photo specs out of any released camera last year. A few reputable print magazines even used it to shoot covers!

6 Tips for Using the Google Pixel 3 for Photography — Two Older Men Together
Image via Lightfield Studios.

While Google hasn’t been making phones as long as some other competitors, the Pixel 2 put them on the map. And now, the Pixel 3 established its dominance in the phone photography market. There are plenty of innovative and unique features in the Google Pixel 3, but the camera is by far the standout feature. In this blog post, we’re reviewing a few key features that we love and how you can create impactful imagery for Shutterstock by using the Google Pixel 3 for photography.

1. Night Sight

The most innovative feature of the camera is called Night Sight, which allows users to take ostensibly well-lit images in low light conditions. We’re a fan of low light here at Shutterstock, and encourage our contributors to shoot in low light conditions using proper technical gear. As travel photographers, you can use night sight vs. taking a heavy and bulky tripod which can be incredibly annoying to lug around.

6 Tips for Using the Google Pixel 3 for Photography — Night Sight
Image via GaudiLab.

2. Advanced Image Processing Software

In Night Sight mode, the Google Pixel 3 uses a complex algorithm that stitches together multiple exposures. This creates an image that looks detailed, rich with color, and surprisingly not grainy. The feature is unlike anything else currently in the market and opens opportunities for photographers to create impactful stock images by using their phone.

3. A Portrait Mode We Love

While in portrait mode, the camera takes two images, one with bokeh and one without. Better yet, the bokeh can be adjusted after taking the image, which allows photographers to perfect their images. This is great if you plan on taking any still life while you’re traveling, such as food shots or street style portraits. We love these images on Shutterstock, and having your phone available is a quick and easy way to take these types of images.

6 Tips for Using the Google Pixel 3 for Photography — Portrait Mode
Image via Look Studio.

4. Edit and Upload to Shutterstock on Your Phone

The Google Pixel 3 Photos app has a decently robust image editing feature that rivals any other advanced photo editing software on mobile. It’s now easier than ever for amateur photographers to create images, edit them, and publish them to Shutterstock. With the Shutterstock Contributor App, you can capture images on your phone, edit them using an editing app, and upload them directly to Shutterstock to start earning money from your images.

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6 Tips for Using the Google Pixel 3 for Photography — Edit and Upload to Shutterstock
Image via astarot.

5. Leave Extra Memory Cards Behind When Traveling

Leaving a DSLR at home before a trip doesn’t mean that the images have to suffer. In fact, it means that you get to leave your hard drives and extra memory cards behind as well. Google has a solution for storage woes on the go. Any image or video taken with a Pixel 3 before Jan. 31, 2022 will be automatically backed up to the cloud free of charge.

6. Never Miss a Moment

Photography is all about capturing those key moments no one else sees. However, sometimes those moments happen so fast that it’s over before you can turn the camera on, focus, and press the shutter button. Luckily, the Pixel 3 has a useful shortcut. Pressing the power button in quick succession will immediately open the camera app. This is an incredibly practical feature for traveling photographers who want to shoot live action on the go.

6 Tips for Using the Google Pixel 3 for Photography — Never Miss a Moment
Image via Olesia Bilkei.

The Pixel 3 has many more features that range from silly to useful. For example, the Google Lens allows for on-location translating within the phone.

The Pixel 3 remains a powerful camera, worthy for traveling and amateur photographers. Sometimes it’s nice to leave the big and bulky cameras at home, and take a walk in the city without the fear of missing out on a great image. Whether it’s stock photography or portrait images of friends and family, a good quality camera phone deserves a spot in any photographer’s pocket.

Featured image by Virinaflora.

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