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PremiumBeat: The Best Royalty-Free Music in the World

PremiumBeat’s hard-working music experts strive to curate a truly world-class collection of royalty-free music. Featuring top artists and cutting-edge up-and-comers, PremiumBeat’s expansive library offers content creators many musical resources for every use-case imaginable. Here’s a glimpse at what’s trending on PremiumBeat.

Royalty-Free Soundtrack Suggestions for Vloggers

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Image via Jacob Lund.

Whether you’re sharing footage from a recent trip, showing off your favorite recipe, offering game tips, or just giving the world a glimpse of your day to day, the right soundtrack is vital for keeping your viewers glued to the screen.

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for your vlog? We looked at some of the most common types of vlogs and asked our music team to match them with genres and moods from our music library. You’ll find their very favorite choices in a vlog music playlist that features quirky jazz, cinematic anthems, face-melting rock, lo-fi beats, and more.

Sound as Lighting: The Mood-Altering Magic of Atmospheric Royalty-Free Music

One Account, Endless Possibilities: Use Your Shutterstock Login on PremiumBeat - Atmospheric Lighting
Image via Roberto Vivancos.

Atmospheric soundtracks are subtle expressions of mood, magic, and mystery when hooks and melody might pull viewers in the wrong direction. Ultimately, when you need your audience to be all in on a moment, singularly focused on the guts of the feeling you are striving to share on screen, the ethereal nuances and shifting layers of atmospheric ambient music can be the light that (stealthily) illuminates your intentions.

Use the free-form tones of this atmospheric royalty-free playlist to spotlight emotion in your scenes.

Slinky, Smooth, and Slow: A Sensual Royalty-Free Music Playlist

One Account, Endless Possibilities: Use Your Shutterstock Login on PremiumBeat - Sensual Candles
Image via Africa Studio.

Sensual music is unhurried and intimate. It suggests pleasure, and it works to soothe the body and mind. It’s dark, winking, gratifying, and, yeah, it’s sexy. It speaks to the wholeness of an experience and can help with contextual heavy lifting by creating tension, release, and expectation.

Whether you’re picking a soundtrack for a photo slideshow, heating up your sizzle reel, shooting the fifty-first shade of gray, or even working on a wedding video, slipping in some of the sensual music found on this playlist is the perfect way to steam up or slow down your project.

2019’s Most Important Film Score Trend: Experimental Ambient Music

One Account, Endless Possibilities: Use Your Shutterstock Login on PremiumBeat - Ambient Graphics
Image via Stock_Good.

Superheroes will always rise and fall to the sounds of bombastic brass sections, and we will always cheer. The historical figures of high-brow Oscar-bait will always live and die to the sounds of sweeping strings, and we will always weep accordingly.

While there’s obviously nothing wrong with using a traditional score to support your footage, today’s most groundbreaking productions are approaching movie music from a more experimental place. Content creators looking to stand out and push the boundaries of storytelling should take note—and then explore this curated playlist of mood-altering ambient royalty-free tracks.

That’s just a quick peek at a small portion of the royalty-free musical magic available from PremiumBeat. Head over there now—with your Shutterstock login—to explore thousands of additional songs, moods, genres, and more.

Cover image via Song_about_summer.