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Unlimited Music for Youtube Videos and Beyond

Supercharge Your Channel with Unlimited Music for YouTube Videos

Unlimited high-quality royalty-free music for Youtube is now possible! Get the annual music plan at Shutterstock, and download unlimited music tracks for your projects.

The grind never ends for YouTubers. Whatever your video content — unboxing, hauls, how-tos, speed runs, hacks, skits, reviews, vlogs, you name it — the routine is the same. Ideate. Shoot. Edit. Upload. Promote. Repeat. 

Telling your story and sharing your passion with the world takes a lot of work. You’ve got to keep fresh, engaging content flowing. You’ve also got to find ways to streamline your process so you can spend your energy where it counts. What’s more, you’ve got to showcase exactly what it is about you that make you so uniquely, well, you

Our new annual music subscription can help in every way. Here’s how.

Get the tracks you need, when you need them — for one low monthly price.

Unlimited Music for Youtube Videos and Beyond — Download What You Need, When You Need It
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Okay, we’re going to repeat that, because it’s huge. Subscribing gives you the freedom to download as many tracks as you need, whenever you need them, all for one low price. It’s super-fast and easy to get started.

Just sign in to Shutterstock or create a new account. Then, visit the pricing page to begin your 365-day subscription for only $199 — that works out to just $16.60 a month. It’s that simple. Two steps. From the moment you subscribe, you get instant download access to our complete music library. That’s thousands of songs, all of them hand-picked by music professionals.

Stand out from the crowd with unlimited royalty-free music.

Choosing the right music for YouTube videos can help viewers get a sense of who you are and help them identify with the brand you’re building. But, with hundreds of hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, the struggle to stand out to potential subscribers is real. Fortunately, royalty-free music is a powerful ally in the battle to make a lasting impression.

Sure, YouTube offers a collection of free music that you can use in your video, but it’s impossible to stand out when you’re using the same music as everyone else. If you’re really looking to make an impact, you need a strong alternative to the Youtube music library. Our annual music subscription offers unlimited opportunities to find songs that sound like you — and only you.

Build a better soundtrack faster.

Like we said before, producing quality YouTube content is a lot of work. Your time is valuable, so it’s vital to streamline your process. With unlimited tracks at your disposal, discovering music to complement your videos takes no time at all, thanks to precise filters that let you search by genre, mood, popularity, freshness, and more.

We add dozens of tracks weekly, so you’ve always got new music. Plus, our curated playlists ensure you’re on top of new trends, popular genres, and regional tastes.

Say goodbye to flagged videos.

Unlimited Music for Youtube Videos and Beyond — Royalty-Free and Safe for Any Streaming Site
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It’s tough to build an audience if people can’t find your videos, and using the latest Billie Eilish hit is a fantastic way to guarantee that your video gets yanked the moment you upload it. Royalty-free music to the rescue!

Our annual music subscription service is powered by our popular Standard license that covers all of your digital content and video needs. You’ll never have to worry about your content getting flagged. All of Shutterstock’s royalty-free music for YouTube creators is 100% safe for video and streaming sites.

Supercharge your creativity — and output.

Music can help you take your story to new places. It can help with pacing and give your narrative an energy boost. With unlimited music at your fingertips, it’s easier and quicker than ever to find exciting, world-class tracks that inspire you to do your best work. You’re empowered to explore and experiment with new stylistic approaches to your video content.

Building a soundtrack for an on-going YouTube series used to be an expensive endeavor. But, your Shutterstock annual music subscription changes that. It allows you to meet the challenge of growing content demands and focus on your creative vision instead of stressing about your budget.

We invite you to learn more about the creative benefits of subscribing. Activate your annual music plan today to take advantage of the unlimited content possibilities offered by unlimited music downloads. We’re excited to help you tell your story.

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