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What makes a great social media ad? For that matter, what makes any ad great? Although answers to these complicated questions will naturally vary, professional designers have identified a few key elements shared across all good ad design:

  • A clear message – Does the ad successfully communicate a specific point?
  • A connection to the brand or company – Is the brand effectively connected to the message? An advertisement has failed if the customer remembers the message but not the brand.
  • A new action or idea – What should the customer do with the information that has just been presented to them? Customers might be invited to think differently about the brand or take action by making a purchase or calling for more information.

Great design also makes use of principles such as balance, flow, and color theory; all these principles should enhance the three aspects of successful advertising design mentioned above. On Twitter and other social media sites it’s usually just one image that’s tasked with accomplishing these things, so it’s important to think carefully about how it is created. Here’s a couple tips for creating Twitter ads that will convert.

Create a brand guide for consistency

Great branding makes use of guides for easy reference and consistent results. The precise colors used, fonts and font size, appropriate logos, and more are documented in this guide. If you do not have a brand guide for your company, begin documenting your design work. This will help you maintain the desired look across all platforms.

Image by Mar Kyr

This information will be very useful when you create marketing images and other branded content for social media platforms. Consistent design choices help reinforce brand identity on every platform. Creating a guide as a personal reference can be very useful; if you ever hire someone to do additional design work for you, this guide will help them ensure consistent results, too.

Work with the right dimensions

One of the first things you should know is the maximum allowable size of an image. Although social media sites will typically shrink or enlarge any uploaded image to fit into its preset space, this can result in significant loss of clarity. A blurry image looks unprofessional and can immediately turn off users from your brand. If you want to create a user icon for your business’s Twitter account, then you will need to know the best dimensions for that image. Work within the existing parameters for best results.

Shutterstock Editor makes this easy. You can find templates for Twitter images and many other social media dimensions. Just select one to get started with a perfectly sized canvas.

creating twitter ads in shutterstock editor
Edit this template in Shutterstock Editor.

Be sure to implement strong strategic planning when creating Twitter ads. Witty and funny ads certainly grab attention but every message must be associated with your company and inspire the viewer to think or act in a particular way.