Changing Faces

In 2012, a multicultural image entered Shutterstock’s Top 25 People downloads for the first time. This year, the Top 25 list includes five images of people with distinct backgrounds. Using insights from Shutterstock downloads and searches, discover how businesses, advertisers, and marketing agencies are bringing more people in.

With the world’s population set to reach 7.3 billion this year, searches by ethnic background are increasing from a year ago.

Middle Eastern
African American
Native American

Images of women have grown 13% compared to last year.

Women's rights has become substantially more popular, based on images downloaded with associated keywords, in Turkey, Mexico, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United States.

By Age

Babies and kids are set to rule the creative world in 2015, with downloads growing faster than average in every region of the world.

The five fastest-growing markets for images of teenagers are all in Asia: Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

There are three times as many downloads of 20-year-olds than 60-year-olds.

Images of people in their thirties and forties are most popular in the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Mexico.

Mature, older, aged, and senior are popular keywords for 50- and 60-year-olds.

Nearly 100 countries downloaded at least one image of transgender people in the first half of 2015, with the United States and the United Kingdom leading the way.

Families and Friends

The love of family and the admiration of friends is clearly visible within the growing number of images chosen from last year.

Male images are growing at the same rate as female images — up 13% from last year.

Male images are chosen twice as often as female images.

Point of View

From action sports to fathers swinging their daughters, point of view filming has shown us a new way of seeing the world. Here’s a video that captures some of our favorites in the collection.

Discover the video clips used in Point of View.

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