Offset by Shutterstock is a hand-picked collection of extraordinary, engaging imagery from top artists and storytellers around the world.

Wishing you could be anywhere but in front of your computer right now? Thinking fondly of summer and outdoor activities as cold weather hits?

Traverse the world with these photos, allowing them to inspire your next adventure or satisfy your inner wanderlust, then head to “Globetrotter” to see the full curated collection — all without having to leave your seat.

Woman wrapped in a shawl next to a motorcycle by The Good Brigade
Loaded up motorcycle in Baja California, Mexico by Dennis Doherty / Cavan Images
Holbrook, Arizona, USA – September 14, 2015: Old cars in front of Wigwam Motel, Holbrook, Arizona by Ryan Kim
Boy looking through telescope by Blend
Vezo fishermen in traditional outrigger vessel in Madagascar by Jody MacDonald
Storefronts and street at night in Macau by Rosie Ubacher
Woman wearing an orange veil in Oman by Rosie Ubacher

Top image: A man traveling through the desert sand dunes of Morocco by Chris Ford.


Offset artists are visual storytellers with a deep passion for their craft. Images in the Offset collection are gathered from world-class and award-winning assignment photographers, illustrators, and agencies, with a focus on unique content with narrative, authentic, and sophisticated qualities.

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