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We’re always thinking of ways to help creatives in many different industries and with many different interest. That usually leads us to think about questions we have about our own work. In my case, telling stories through the lens has been an avenue for many of my adventures. I’ve traveled a decent amount and have been fortunate to cross a few things off my bucket list, but the list is long and there’s still so much I want to see and do. So I’m excited to share this free travel photography guide, so we can all prepare for our next adventures.

Sometimes finding an answer to a question as dense as “which camera is right for me?” can lead you down an internet wormhole with convoluted answers and reviews that never really address the questions you might have. Covering all things cameras, lenses, laws, and regulations, this guide is a complete look at what to expect and how to prepare for the life-changing travels that lay ahead.

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You’ll find a ton of information in this guide, including:

  • Dealing with airports, baggage, and security
  • Packing your bag
  • Extensive camera list for photographers and videographers
  • Lens considerations and recommended lenses for travelers
  • Gear and accessories

Dealing with Airports

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Of all the situations you’ll encounter while traveling, I’m willing to bet the most stressful of them will somehow involve an airport. Air travel can be chaotic when you’re simply traveling across the state for a quick weekend trip. Now add two bags full of expensive gear and you’ve just described a living nightmare.

There are lots of things that might slip your mind when you’re packing, like which batteries you can bring and how many, for that matter. And did you know that if you’re bringing film stock, the x-ray machines at security will damage it if its over a certain ISO? Knowing how to pack and what to have ready will only expedite the traveling process and keep you from gaining any (more) gray hairs on your head. That’s why we’ve included a breakdown of air travel tips and a packing guide in this free guide.

Choosing a Camera

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OK – I know if you’re about to jet across the globe, you might already have a camera or two that you’re planning on brining. However, secondary cameras and compact DSLRs are totally viable options these days, and they can significantly reduce your budget, as well as your luggage space. Get a complete look at the space, price, and tech specs of these cameras with our comprehensive list broken down by brands and price.

Tripods, Lights, and Everything In Between

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Whether you’re shooting photography, video, film photography, or traveling as a production assistant, there’s a lot that goes into traveling for this type of work. First, you’ll need to consider what gear to pack. What weighs the least? How strong are certain lights? Are they waterproof? Should you bring other waterproof pieces of equipment? Do I even need a tripod? I could go on. When it comes down to it you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re in dire need of something, or on the flip side, have too much gear hampering your travels. This guide breaks down the whys and whats of travel gear.

Make sure you have access to this guide at anytime — no matter where your travels take you. Download a FREE PDF of The Explorer’s Guide to Travel Photography and Destination Video. The ebook was designed with mobile devices in mind, so it reads well while on the go

The Explorer’s Guide to Travel Photography and Destination Video is only the beginning. Taking time to hone your craft while abroad will give you the skills necessary to create stunning work. Safe travels and best of luck with your shoot.

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