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Travel Photographers on Instagram: Mountain Top Lake

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow

Check out the incredible work by ten pro travel photographers on Instagram and find inspiration before your next location shoot.

We’re the first to admit that Instagram is the BEST research tool to use before traveling. Whether it’s looking through tagged locations or trending location-based hashtags, travel photographers on Instagram have the ability to make our team instantly want to book a ticket to a new, undiscovered destination around the world. We scour through our Instagram feed daily, searching for trip inspiration, cool walls to pose in front of, and hidden gems to take top-down latte images at.

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10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Man in a Desert
Shutterstock Image by Fernando Privitera 

Travel photographers have the ability to transport people to beautiful destinations around the world that seem otherwise unreachable. From the farthest stretches of the globe, we scoured our network to find ten travel photographers on Instagram that you need to follow. Whether these photographers are creating impactful travel imagery available for purchase on Shutterstock or Offset, or traveling the world shooting inspirational wanderlust imagery, we hope you’re just as inspired by these nomadic photographers as we are.

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Here are 10 Shutterstock Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow.

Michal Balada

Shutterstock Portfolio: Michal Balada | @michalbaladacom
Location: Kvasiny, Czech Republic

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Mountain Lake
Shutterstock Image by Michal Balada

Finding travel photographers on Instagram to feature seems like an easy mission. After all, Instagram was practically built to share travel memories. But, discovering Michal’s portfolio simply took our breath away. This landscape and travel photographer uses his lens to capture unimaginably beautiful images of nature throughout his travels. He is also a pro at using the best times of day, golden hour, to capture stunning images. Michal takes his time, dedicating moments to capturing images with slower shutter speeds on tripods, thereby creating a crisp and clear landscape image. On his Shutterstock portfolio, this theme continues into stunning panorama landscapes that will make you want to instantly pack your bag, head to the wild, and never leave your tripod at home again.

Kertu Saarits

Shutterstock Portfolio: Kertu_Com |
Location: United Arab Emirates

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Walking in a Desert
Shutterstock Image by Kertu_Com

Kertu has long been a Shutterstock favorite here at our office. Her work and colors are absolutely stunning, instantly recognizable, and showcases a true representation of the world seen through Kertu’s eyes. This Estonian photographer based in Dubai is a perfect example of a global photographer who is inspired through traveling and capturing destinations in her own personal style. This accomplished photographer has been published by National Geographic and has traveled to sixty-nine countries from Kyrgyzstan to the Philippines. We can’t wait to see what this travel photographer has in store for us next.

Mario Gimmnich

Shutterstock Portfolio: Mario Gimmnich | @marioo_55
Location: Germany

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Bridge Flyover
Shutterstock Image by Mario Gimmnich

This drone specialist and warm-tones enthusiast captures our attention with his dramatic visual style captured through his landscape photography. From up above, this travel photographer provides a unique angle to popular destinations around the world, including San Francisco and the Grand Canyon. Mario’s style is instantly recognizable. His editing style gives his images a deep, earthy blue tone with hints of orange that leaves a lasting impression on his audience.

Songquan Deng

Shutterstock Portfolio: Rabbit75shu | @dengsongquan
Location: New York, United States

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Creative Concept: Aerial City in Europe
Shutterstock Image by Songquan Deng

Being based in New York is a fantastic takeoff point for any traveling photographer, and Songquan is no exception. This freelance travel photographer specializes in using architecture and aerial point-of-views to capture unique angles of well-visited destinations. From citadels in Spain to the subways of New York, his work has an almost ethereal, nostalgic vibe that transports you in time. On his Shutterstock portfolio, expect to discover panoramic cityscapes and architectural concept pieces that provide a glimpse into the mind of a wandering creative.

Austin Sylvest

Shutterstock Portfolio: Austin Sylvest | @afsylvest
Location: Colorado, United States

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Snowy Road
Shutterstock Image by Austin Sylvest

Whether this traveling artist is shooting music festivals in his home state or traveling through various national parks around the USA, his clean and beautiful editing style creates timeless images worth remembering. On Austin’s Shutterstock portfolio, viewers can find stunning images of USA wilderness and clean landscapes. Travel photographers on Instagram have the power to influence where and why we travel to destinations, and we’ve got to say, we’re ready to book a ticket to Colorado ASAP.

Olga Kulakova

Shutterstock Portfolio: Photonature | @olga_kulakova_photography
Location: Kazakhstan

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Mountain Camping
Shutterstock Image by Olga Kulakova

Often found scaling mountains and traversing backroads, wildlife and landscape photographer Olga Kulakova constantly seeks the wild through her photography. Born in Kazakhstan on the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountain Range, mountains are a massive part of who she is and this personal approach still appears in her photography. She’s since expanded to travel the world through her mountaineering adventures, always searching for new locations and new mountains to climb. Climbing out of a tent at sunrise to capture images is easy when the sky lights up in a ray of pink and purple clouds.

Fernando Privitera

Shutterstock Portfolio: Fernando Privitera | @fernandoprivitera
Location: Italy

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Soccer Field in Europe
Shutterstock Image by Fernando Privitera

Fernando’s style carefully places small subjects such as people, animals, or trees in his stunning travel images, providing a sense of scale to an otherwise large landscape image. By doing this, you truly feel the gravity of how big and incredible these destinations are. Whether it’s a line of camels strutting at sunset or a single person standing on a cliffside, Fernando’s images allow you to picture yourself at that moment. And that’s the goal of travel photography: to inspire people to chase those moments.

Most travel photographers on Instagram stick to one theme. However, on Fernando’s portfolio, you can also find his portrait work and night photography. Get inspired by this creative artist and his work on Shutterstock.

Ervin-Edward Szabo

Shutterstock Portfolio: Ervinedward | @szabo_ervin_edward
Location: Romania

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Lake in Germany
Shutterstock Image by Ervin-Edward

Ervin has perfectly captured the Instagram aesthetic of a wandering travel photographer, with a powerful editing style to match. Whether he’s capturing images of wildlife such as foxes or bears or epic reflections in lakes and rivers, his images receive hundreds of comments on just how much he’s inspired people to visit these unique destinations around the world. He’s constantly chasing new experiences through his photography. One minute you’ll find Ervin traveling through lush rainforests, and the next down snow-covered highways.

Natalie and Ruslan of Everst

Shutterstock Portfolio: Everst23 | @e_v_e_r_s_t
Location: Norway

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Yellow Jacket
Shutterstock Image by Everst

Inspired by the wild landscapes of Norway’s fjords and beyond, this adventure-seeking duo constantly inspires our team with their jaw-dropping lifestyle images of a lifestyle best spent outdoors. They perfectly captured the aesthetic on what it means to be travel photographers on Instagram, and how sharing these images inspire people around the world to travel to new and exotic locations. Working as a team, their images are emotional and personal, a glimpse into a life chasing adventure. Get inspired by their idyllic images of hiking, mountain-top camping, and how special it is to travel together around the world.

Evgeniy Biletskiy

Shutterstock Portfolio: Evgeshechka | @evgeniybiletskiy
Location: Ukraine

10 Travel Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow — Boats at the Beach
Shutterstock Image by Biletskiy

Combining his love for traveling and mountains, Evgeniy uses his lens to capture his passions during global adventures. Using drones and aerial photography, Evgeniy gives viewers a unique approach to capturing lifestyle imagery through traveling. Whether it’s a pair of snorkelers in a deep blue reef, or a monkey climbing a tree on a cliffside, the technical use of his equipment provides a different perspective to the destinations he visits. We are constantly inspired by his incredible use of colors, composition, and perspective.

Top image by Michal Balada

We hope these travel photographers on Instagram inspire you before your next trip abroad. Travel photography can transport us into incredible destinations, and these photographers are pros at using their lenses to share these adventure-seeking stories. Not a contributor with Shutterstock? Click here to sign up and start submitting your travel photography today. What more, you can earn money as you go.

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