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60 Travel Bloggers and Photographers on Instagram to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Who hasn’t had that itch to drop everything, fill up a backpack, and set off on a global adventure? One of the most common regrets that seniors share is not traveling enough when they had the chance. However, some people make a living out of visiting the most beautiful, remote, and exciting corners of the globe. The best travel bloggers and photographers feed our sense of wonder and provide a peek into locales we’ve always dreamed of visiting.

We’ve compiled our favorite travel bloggers and photographers in one place so you can feed your wanderlust. The blogs below provide practical advice on traveling and descriptions of the adventures captured. Of course, we’re suckers for great images – these travel bloggers have a knack for capturing the world around them with a perfectly placed camera.

Lauren Bath – Australia

Lauren Bath is Australia’s eminent travel Instagrammer, having amassed a loyal following with her color-drenched, impeccably-framed landscapes and wildlife photographs. When she’s not showcasing the captivating beauty of Australia and other regions of the world Bath is using her marketing and social media know-how to launch successful Instagram campaigns. She’s part of The Travel Bootcamp team, helping aspiring travel writers and bloggers achieve their dreams in one-day workshops.

Check out The Travel Bootcamp and follow Bath on Instagram and Twitter.

Woody Gooch – Australia

Sunshine Coast Aussie Woody Gooch is barely 22 years of age and has already racked up an incredible resume. A full-time professional photographer, he moved to Tokyo at age 20 to host exhibits, premiere film projects, and expand his subject matter. Whether capturing surfers in their element or working for brands like DIOR and Billabong, Gooch evokes subtle emotion with grand use of negative space and movement.

A post shared by Woody Gooch (@woodygphoto) on

See what’s new on Gooch’s website, and give him a follow on Instagram.

Nicola Easterby – Australia

She may only be 22, but this Aussie adventurer has already perfected the art of productive wanderlust. Easterby runs the travel blog Polkadot Passport, where she chronicles her globetrotting and shares valuable tips with readers. Easterby has made it to 37 countries already, and shows no signs of slowing down! For a pleasing blend of personal moments and sweeping photography don’t miss her Instagram account.

Keep up with Polkadot Passport on the website and via Twitter, and then follow Easterby on Instagram.

Roman Königshofer – Austria

Roman Königshofer is an outdoor photographer and filmmaker who decided the life of a motion designer wasn’t for him. Ditching the computer for a camera and a sense of wonder, “Roman K.” has dazzled followers on Instagram with his eye for scale and his dramatic landscape photos of snowcapped mountains. Roman K. is one half of The Tasty Outdoors, a travel photography blog he runs with his partner Helena that specializes in finding the best vegetarian food in the world.

Once you follow Roman K. on Instagram be sure to head over to The Tasty Outdoors.

Maria & Vlad – Belgium

This dynamic duo from Brussels travels the world documenting the tastiest food and the most mesmerizing plant life they can find. Tour their travel blog Pixels in the Bag and you’ll find your appetite whetted in no time. Maria and Vlad’s fun and exuberant mix of lifestyle blogging, travel photographer, and passion for food makes for a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening experience. You may want to pick up a dictionary – their website is in French.

Explore Pixels in the Bag and then follow the couple on Instagram and Facebook.

Ariana Kajic – Bosnia/Australia

Why the coupling of Bosnia and Australia? Ariana Kajic, blogger and photographer of The Bosnian Aussie, has spent most of her life in Australia but was raised in Bosnia & Herzegovina until her family had to leave during the war. Now Kajic blends her love for both cultures in her stunning travel blog, providing travel guides for readers and showcasing the wonders of both places. Now a mom, Kajic has expanded her writing to include mom-geared lifestyle posts.

Bookmark the blog and follow Kajic on Instagram.

Paulo del Valle – Brazil

Few travel photographers and bloggers have conquered their fears quite like Paulo del Valle. Once a design student who was “afraid of traveling alone and getting out there,” del Valle quickly found himself with 200,000 followers once he started documenting his home city of Rio de Janeiro. Now del Valle creates content promoting the premiere travel destinations around the world for top-tier companies. His lack of pretension is infectious, and his style is unmistakable.

Check out his website and see what del Valle is up to on Instagram.

Patricia Schussel Gomes – Brazil

Patricia Schussel Gomes’ zest for travel and fun is contagious – her unbridled enthusiasm bubbles over in her vibrant photography. Gomes works as an art director when she’s not living the nomadic photographer’s life. Her motto is “live nowhere, travel anywhere,” and her travel photography will rekindle your desire to sell your possessions and hit the road. Gomes regularly contributes articles like “How to Climb the Most Active Volcano in the Atacama Desert” to Mochilando.

Read her articles on Mochilando and fall in love with her photos on Instagram.

César Ovalle – Brazil

César Ovalle is a travel photographer who is equal parts explorer and artist – his photographs don’t shy away from the dirty parts of life or the thrilling industrial grime of the city. Ovalle’s modern art aesthetic still paints a full picture of wherever he finds himself, and his unique perspective carries over to his music, videos, and blog. Ovalle’s stomping grounds are in São Paulo but his canvas is anywhere and everywhere.

A post shared by César Ovalle (@cesinha) on

Once you’ve visited Ovalle’s website be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Taylor Burk – Canada

Based in Vancouver, BC, Taylor Burk fills each frame with majesty, joy, and optimism without playing any flashy tricks. Burk’s thirst for adventure and reliably transformative photos have helped him transition from adventurer to a big name photographer for dozens of respected clients. Burk has contributed to ad campaigns and magazine features for Backpacker Magazine, Samsung Mobile, Travel Alberta, and more. Start scrolling through his photos and prepare to be inspired.

Visit Burk’s website and become a fan of his on Facebook and Instagram.

Audrey Bergner Jeffery – Canada

Travel blogger Audrey Bergner Jeffery, who shares her love for travel on her blog That Backpacker, is always itching to relocate. Born in Montreal, Canada, raised in Argentina, and galavanting around the world before she turned 18, Jeffery has an insatiable case of wanderlust and shares her thoughts and advice in blog form and on YouTube. She married fellow travel blogger Sam Jeffery, aka Nomadic Samuel, in 2014.

You can find Jeffery on her blog and on Instagram.

Ken Kaminesky – Canada

In his own words, Ken Kaminesky plans to take over the world – one photograph at a time. Kaminesky has been a professional travel photographer for over 15 years; his photos have appeared in editorial and commercial campaigns far and wide. In 2016 Kaminesky co-founded Discovery Photo Tours to share his love of travel and photography with fellow enthusiasts around the globe. Kaminesky’s eye for sumptuous details is unrivaled – what are you waiting for? Check him out!

A post shared by Ken Kaminesky (@kenkaminesky) on

Explore Kaminesky’s blog, consider taking a Discovery Photo Tours, and follow him on Instagram.

Vivien Liu – China

Vivien Liu is a leading architect who founded Studio UNIT, a studio that takes on complex and unorthodox projects with enthusiasm. Liu developed a passion for photography just four years ago, and now has a huge following on Instagram where she documents the rapidly morphing architecture of Hong Kong. Her skill caught the eye of many high-end clients – Liu has know worked with American Express, Jack Daniels, Sony, and others.

A post shared by Vivien Liu (@vdubl) on

Navigate to Studio Unit’s website and then follow Liu on Instagram.

Jennifer Bin – China

Jennifer Bin is a UI/UX designer by day, but whenever she’s not working Bin is creating a niche for herself depicting the bustle and geometry of Shanghai in dramatic, unexpected ways. Bin’s photography never settles for normality – her work always pushes the envelope of what travel photography and cityscapes can be. As her Instagram bio attests, Bin is a “designer shooting futurescapes.” Get lost in her photos and maybe plan a future trip to Shanghai.

A post shared by Jennifer Bin (@jenniferbin) on

See Bin’s newest photos on her Instagram, and don’t miss her website.

Allan Edward Hinton – England

Once a Digital Marketing Manager, Allan Edward Hinton caught the travel bug and quit his job, sold all of his possessions, and has explored the world for over three years making a living as a travel photographer and social media strategist. Hinton has worked on campaigns for clients including TripAdvisor and Huawei Mobile. His blog oscillates between showing readers how to grow social media followings to pointing out the most fun activities in countries like Jordan.

Read Hinton’s blog and peruse his photography on Instagram.

Katie McKnoulty – England

Like many travel bloggers, Katie McKnoulty earns her keep working freelance as a writer, social media guru, and photographer while exploring the tucked away nooks and crannies of the world. McKnoulty runs the wildly popular travel blog The Traveling Light, a curated visual collection of the must-visit (sometimes secret) places around the globe. Follow along with her explorations and find the light in your world.

Jump into The Traveling Light blog and be sure to follow McKnoulty on Instagram.

Becki Enright – England

A British Press Award-winning travel writer, Becki Enright embarks on adventures with a social conscience to change perceptions of places and cultures. Enright’s travel blog Borders of Adventure not only chronicles Enright’s globetrotting – it also informs readers through educational social, political, and historical reporting. While traveling and photographing the world Enright also found time to start her own travel PR consultancy.

Catch some inspiration from Enright’s photos on Instagram, read her blog, and see if her PR consultancy can work with your brand.

Jean-Philippe Mattei – France

Based in Paris, Jean-Philippe Mattei is an urban photographer and influential Instagrammer who has made a name for himself capturing the raw energy of vibrant urban cityscapes. Since growing his notable Instagram following Mattei has worked for Four Seasons Paris, Michelin, Mercedes-Benz, and other prestigious clients. Whether he’s galavanting through the heart of Venice or flying over the Swiss Alps you can rely on his trademark photography skills to deliver.

Follow Mattei on Instagram and Twitter before heading over to his website.

Yann Bervas – France

Born in Polynesia, Yann Bervas’ first memory is of the lights surrounding the lagoons near his home. Now based in Hossegor, France, Bervas takes advantage of his job as a steward to travel the “four corners of the planet” capturing unfamiliar spaces and fantastic displays of lighting on his trusted camera. Though still building his following, Bervas makes it clear through his sublime photos that we’re seeing a master at work.

Head over to Bervas’ website and follow him on Instagram.

Michael Schulz – Germany

Michael Schulz proudly declares that “Instagram made me quit my job,” but Schulz has been steadily employed ever since his inventively-titled account on Instagram (Berlinstagram) took off. Schulz’s knack for capturing the mood of a city has sent him far beyond Berlin – Schulz has worked for a dizzying amount of top-tier clients shooting photos across the globe, including Marriott, Porsche, Levi’s, and Infiniti.

Get addicted to Schulz’s style on Instagram and don’t miss his professional website.

Max Leitner – Germany

An urban exploration photographer and lifestyle blogger, Max Leitner hails from Germany but doesn’t like to stay in one place too long. Having lived in Chicago for a time, he has now set out to Europe and Asia to capture more extraordinary locations. Leitner always challenges himself to evolve – after focusing on urban cityscapes he is now gravitating more toward travel photography with a lifestyle edge. No matter what he sets his sights on, you can bet Leitner’s shots will be daring.

A post shared by Max Leitner (@maxleitner) on

Visit Leitner’s website and see his latest work on Instagram.

Jacintha Verdegaal – Holland

Jacintha Verdegaal runs the travel information and inspiration blog Urban Pixxels, where she provides readers with the lowdown on boutique hotels and must-visit restaurants in the most interesting destinations. Originally from the Netherlands, Verdegaal is “always dreaming about [her] next trip and [her] next meal,” according to her Instagram bio. Browse her Instagram profile for some truly breathtaking images!

Read the Urban Pixxels blog and check out Verdegaal’s Instagram.

Siddhartha Joshi – India

Siddhartha Joshi is a travel and lifestyle blogger who writes thrilling and practical travel guides on his blog The Wanderer (aka Sid The Wanderer). Joshi has one of the most-followed India-based Instagram accounts, and beyond travel guides and photography Joshi writes car and tech reviews regularly. Joshi’s stunning photography has been featured on CNN, Shutterstock, Buzzfeed, Huffpost, and other outlets. Add a little wonder (and wandering) to your world by following Joshi.

You can find Joshi on Instagram and on his blog.

Rachel Jones – India

Rachel Jones left her nursing career behind four years ago to live on the beaches of Goa, India, and now she’s a travel blogger and writer for Bravo TV and her own website Hippie in Heels. Read the Hippie in Heels bio and you’ll really run out of reasons not to travel! Jones has been to over 30 locations, and informs readers how to pack, where to go, and what to see in each country. Jones’ enthusiasm bubbles over to every photograph she captures.

Follow Hippie in Heels on Instagram and on the website.

Tino Renato – Indonesia

Tino Renato is a self-taught master of modern photography, allowing the natural lighting to dictate the mood and feel of every photograph he captures. Renato’s “quietly elegant” travel, portrait, and lifestyle photography has been featured in The Huffington Post, Good News From Indonesia, and other outlets. Renato’s clean and subdued Instagram feed is somehow calming and electrifying all at once.

A post shared by Tino Renato (@tinorenato) on

Become a Renato follower on Instagram and on his blog.

Kama Btara – Indonesia

Based in Indonesia, this incredibly gifted landscape and portrait photographer is criminally under-followed on platforms like Instagram. Named one of the Southeast Asian Instagram Influencers to Follow by Huffpost, Kama Btara works professionally as a travel photographer for Journesia. One scroll through Btara’s feed and you’ll be itching to pack a bag and explore all of the amazing locales in Indonesia.

A post shared by Ilham (@kamabtara) on

Follow this Instagram expert today.

Cia Wardhana – Indonesia

Cia Wardhana works as a radio host for Trax FM Jakarta, but when she’s not sharing her tips on travel, lifestyle, and fashion for her listeners she’s capturing intimate images of her escapades that are chock-full of personality. Wardhana is also a successful vlogger and maintains a steady presence on her YouTube channel. For a slice of life in Jakarta and beyond, look no further than Wardhana’s feed that never fails to intrigue.

You can follow Wardhana on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Conor MacNeill – Ireland

A fine-art, landscape, and travel photographer originally from Belfast, Conor MacNeill has visited over 50 countries capturing the essences of places by going down the paths less traveled. His sweeping travel photography has landed MacNeill clients like BBC, Hyundai, and the tourism boards of many countries. MacNeill often speaks at travel photography events and expos around the globe, sharing his two decades of expertise with fellow photographers.

A post shared by Conor MacNeill (@thefella) on

See MacNeill’s work on his website and on Instagram.

Uri Magnus – Israel

Uri Magnus runs Magnus Marine Photography Studio, which specializes in surfing, water sports, and marine biology photography and videography. Sailing, diving, you name it – Magnus was born loving the water, and spends his professional time capturing the majesty of the oceans and seas. Magnus brands himself as an action and adventure photographer, and that title is apt – the kinetic energy in his photos puts you right in the middle of a turbulent wave or tide.

A post shared by Uri Magnus Dotan (@urimagnus) on

Hire Magnus Marine Photography Studio or simply follow Magnus on Instagram.

Simone Bramante – Italy

Simone Bramante, also known by his professional moniker Brahmino, is an Italian photographer that has traveled to 6 continents snapping photos for a wide array of clients. Brahmino has worked with Christian Dior, Maserati, NBC, Turkish Airlines, and dozens of other top brands. Brahmino bases his work on the motto “storytelling first,” and in addition to travel and portrait photography he journals his adventures in “stories” on his website.

A post shared by Simone Bramante (@brahmino) on

Read his stories on and follow Brahmino on Instagram.

Elaine Li – Hong Kong

Elaine Li does it all – photography, design, art direction, and content creation. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Li has worked and lived all over, from Chicago to Melbourne. When she’s not taking mesmerizing photos of the world around her Li works as as an Art Director for the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. Li has a flair for elevating the commonplace into art – each picture she takes could be a frame from the latest art film.

A post shared by Elaine Li 🎈 (@lielaine) on

Understand just how multifaceted Li is on her website, and don’t miss her Instagram feed.

Karen Kho – Malaysia

A full time fitness, lifestyle, and travel blogger from Malaysia, Karen Kho shares her fitness and healthy living tips with her sizable social media following. Though her blog is centered around fitness, Kho has a passion for travel and journeys the world, sharing her travel tricks and advice on her blog. In her busy schedule she finds time to seemingly go everywhere – Kho’s Instagram feed is a nonstop destination tour!

Read the latest entries on Kho’s blog and see what’s new on her Instagram.

Ryan Gargiulo – Mexico

Though Ryan Gargiulo’s current home base is Playa del Carmen, Mexico, this is misleading – the world is Gargiulo’s home. In 2010 he left his day job and embarked on a “six month” trip abroad that has yet to end. While photographing the most exciting places on the planet, Gargiulo provides travel inspiration in his blog Pause The Moment. Be warned – once you read his entries on location independence and living life to the fullest you may quit your job too.

A post shared by Ryan (@pausethemoment) on

Read Pause The Moment and check out Gargiulo’s latest adventure on Instagram.

Liz Carlson – New Zealand

Liz Carlson describes herself as living her “biggest, messiest dreams,” and all of her travel blog entries echo this deeply personal and sincere sentiment. Carlson has lived in Spain, currently resides in New Zealand, and has explored over 50 countries. You’ve seen her or her blog Young Adventuress everywhere – on Forbes, CNN, BBC, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and countless other news outlets. Dive in and see what all the fuss is about.

Follow Carlson on Instagram and start reading Young Adventuress.

Sarah & Nathan Chant – New Zealand

A couple of New Zealanders currently living in Abu Dhabi, Sarah and Nathan run their reputable travel blog Exploring Kiwis, where they document “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of their years of travel to more than 50 countries. The couple share practical advice on stretching your cash as far as it will go on a trip as well as fueling your wanderlust with incredible stories of memorable trips. Exploring Kiwis also features articles that can help you build your own social media following.

Follow the Chants on Instagram and bookmark Exploring Kiwis.

Samuel Taipale – Norway

Originally from Finland, Samuel Taipale’s jet setting lifestyle and effortless photography talent has made him and his wife Hildegunn Instagram sensations. The couple met at a wedding in Hawaii and now regularly travel the world, snapping incredible photos as they go. Taipale and his brother established the brand ambassador service Taipale Brothers and have run campaigns for Red Bull, Vitaminwater, BMW Finland, and other brands.

A post shared by Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) on

Visit the Taipale Brothers website and follow Samuel on Instagram.

Silvia Lawrence – Norway

As Silvia Lawrence tells it, “after wandering through 70 countries [her] heart chose Norway.” Once an unabashed nomad, Lawrence saved for two years and set out on the road, launching her travel and lifestyle blog Heart My Backpack to chronicle her adventures. Whether you want to know how to plan an epic road trip through Norway or simply don’t how to pack when trotting the globe, Lawrence and her winning writing style have you covered.

Once you visit Heart My Backpack be sure to follow Lawrence on Instagram.

Trisha Velarmino – Philippines

Trisha Velarmino’s insightful blog P.S. I’m On My Way is so unique because Trisha doesn’t exactly travel – she chooses “to be somewhere else, all the time.” Velarmino takes the time to volunteer and live wherever she travels to fully understand a country and its culture. Her blogs aren’t really guides; they’re glimpses into life all around the globe. The blog is expertly designed and easy to read – go ahead and give it a whirl!

Read P.S. I’m On My Way and don’t neglect to follow Velarmino on Instagram.

Sarah Tirona – Philippines

Sarah Tirona is passionate about a vast number of subjects – fashion, travel, gadgets, driving around the world, and her little girl Nikola. On Tirona’s blog Fashion Eggplant she writes with aplomb about all of these topics and more while also tracking her worldwide explorations. Searching for a DIY artistic challenge? Want to know the best places to visit in Taiwan? Then you’ve come to right page.

A post shared by Sarah Tirona (@sarahtirona) on

See everything that Fashion Eggplant has to offer, and follow Tirona on Instagram.

Yoshke Dimen & Vins Carlos – Philippines

When this pair of friends created The Poor Traveler, they admit that they were the opposite of what travelers should be – poor, shy, and “not built for travel.” After they quit their jobs and started their successful blog, Dimen and Carlos carved a niche for themselves writing budget travel articles geared toward casual travelers and full-time professionals who simply want to take breaks from work. The Poor Traveler regularly tops lists of travel blogs on USA Today, GoDesti, BlogMeter, and other publications.

Dive into The Poor Traveler and follow the corresponding Instagram account.

Marta Kulesza – Poland

A lifelong fan of getting lost exploring mountains, Marta Kulesza has been to many of the most challenging and rewarding mountain ranges in the world, from Canada to New Zealand. Kulesza writes travel and photography guides on her website In A Faraway Land, and you can hire her on her official photography website. Kulesza’s work has been featured in National Geographic, The Huffington Post, and other outlets.

Sign up for a photography tour, explore Kulesza’s blog and website, and then follow Kulesza on Instagram.

Polina Burashnikova – Russia

Polina Burashnikova loves to travel, having recently relocated to Amsterdam. Her travel blog Polabur provides readers with a look inside trips to a dizzying number of countries, including Singapore, Greece, Portugal, and more. Burashnikova also co-founded Instarguide, a service for aspiring photographers and travelers to organically grow their Instagram following. Fall in love with travel by scrolling through the delightful Polabur feed.

Catch up with Polabur on the blog and on Instagram.

Ken Lum Lee – South Korea

Ken Lum Lee runs Seoul State of Mind, a Korean lifestyle blog that shows the color and depth of the many exciting towns and cities of the world. Now settled in South Korea, Lee has had his photography featured in The Huffington Post, Allkpop, and the Korean Tourism Organization. Lee’s astonishing composition and use of (sometimes the absence of) color takes his photography to the next level.

Once you’ve looked at Seoul State of Mind you can follow Lee on Instagram.

Oliver Vegas – Spain

One of the most influential Instagrammers in Spain, Oliver Vegas is a travel, sport, and lifestyle photographer whose photos feel like they were plucked from a rugged adventure film. Vegas isn’t comfortable staying in one place, and by snapping photos of his travels he has attracted many reputable clients like Nike, Coca-Cola, HP Europe, and more. With one glance at his feed you’ll understand there’s something special about Vegas.

A post shared by Oliver Vegas (@ovunno) on

Follow Vegas on Instagram before navigating to his website.

Cristina Gaite & Daniel Baranda – Spain

In 2014, Daniel and Cristina decided to make the logs of their many adventures public. They registered the domain for Wander On World and the rest is history. The couple of explorers share in-depth advice and guides for travelers that wish to visit the places Dani and Cris have been. The drive the couple have to live a life of wandering is evident in their adorable and awe-inspiring photographs – see what all the fuss is about on Instagram.

Once you’ve seen their Instagram account go to the Wander On World website.

Pilar Franco Borrell – Spain

A journalist who was born in Madrid but currently resides in Barcelona, Pilar Franco Borrell gravitates toward wide-open spaces drenched in natural light. She gallivants around the country capturing images that would make any tourist book a trip to Spain. It’s clear that Borrell puts thought not only into the art of her photos, but the composition of her feed as a whole. Her experience as an illustrator and designer manifests in Borrell’s exquisite photography.

A post shared by Pilar Franco Borrell (@piluro) on

Click “follow” when you head over to Borrell’s Instagram account.

Monica Torne – Spain

A Barcelona Instagrammer who’s rising in popularity, Monica Torne has a distinct fine art feel to her photography. Torne blurs the lines between design, photography, and art installation, but she still is able to occasionally turn her lens toward the good old-fashioned travel photograph. After spending time absorbing Torne’s work you’ll be fully in love with Barcelona if you weren’t already.

A post shared by Monica Torne (@monicatorne) on

Follow Torne on Instagram and Twitter to stay in the loop.

Albert Barrut – Spain

Minimalism and attention to form is the name of the game in Albert Barrut’s world. A professional photographer and father from Barcelona, Barrut is drawn to the one-of-a-kind architecture in his city and allows the structures to speak for themselves. For more complete collections of his photo shoots you can head to Tumblr, but for a taste of his signature style just start scrolling through his Instagram.

A post shared by Albert (@barrut) on

Follow Barrut on Instagram and Twitter.

Nicanor García – Spain

An architecture photographer from Barcelona (noticing a trend?), Nicanor García’s unconventional approach and framing has attracted over 700,000 followers to his Instagram account. García doesn’t stay rooted in Spain – he travels often, and his travel photography is as inventive as his architecture photos, whether he’s in Istanbul or China. Every one of García’s images could find a home as a poster on your wall.

While García completes work on his website follow him on Instagram.

Jess Dales – United States

It starts with a familiar story – restless in her office with a law degree and a blank white wall, Jess Dales decided to pack up and live the nomad life. Now Dales runs the popular Jess Wandering, where she chronicles her outdoor adventures for travel enthusiasts to devour. Dales identifies as a “visual storyteller,” and that label is perfectly descriptive of her work on Instagram – through slices of her travels Dales shares the experience of a lifetime with her followers.

A post shared by J E S S (@jess.wandering) on

Read Jess Wandering and check out Dales’ Instagram account.

Nick Keating – United States

A commercial outdoor lifestyle photographer and filmmaker based out of San Francisco, Nick Keating is always trying his hand at the latest in visual storytelling. Keating dabbles in drone photography, GoPro projects – you name it, he’s done it. Keating constantly grows as a videographer and cinematographer, but his knack for finding the great expanses of woods and fields in America will be what convinces you to pack a bag and travel.

A post shared by Nick Keating (@nickkeating) on

Explore Keating’s website then follow him on Instagram.

Anna Lysakowska – United States

Anna Lysakowska loves to embrace all types of travel – one day she may be at a luxury hotel, but the next she could be horseback riding next to an active volcano. Lysakowska provides cultural, political, and historical perspectives on her blog Anna Everywhere while providing inspiration for travelers all over. While Lysakowska is currently based in Colorado she was born in Poland, and has lived in London, Mexico City, and the Netherlands.

Browse the entries of Anna Everywhere and follow Lysakowska on Instagram.

Chelsea Yamase – United States

A “lover of books and hard-to-find places,” Chelsea Yamase was born and raised in Kauai, Hawaii, and now makes a living of pursuing her many passions while traveling and documenting her journey. Yamase is a writer, photographer, athlete, model, diver, surfer, mountaineer – it’s harder to create a list of things she isn’t. Read the “raw, real, unpolished” stories of Yamase’s travels and adventures on her terrific blog The Adventurers Collective.

A post shared by Chelsea Yamase (@chelseakauai) on

Read the blog and follow Yamase on Instagram.

Quin Schrock – United States

The style of Quin Schrock’s travel and adventure photography is unmistakable – in his own words, his approach “captures the intrepid human spirit” in diverse landscapes off the beaten path. Repping both Southern California and Oahu, Schrock fled his future at a desk job for an epic road trip, and along the way found the passion to keep photographing his travels and making a career out of a life on the road. Schrock’s clients include Sony, GoPro, and Land Rover.

A post shared by Quin (@everchanginghorizon) on

Follow Schrock on Instagram and then jump into his blog.

Kristin Addis – United States

Kristin Addis quit her job as a banker in Southern California to set out on her own making a living as a travel influencer. Addis’ blog Be My Travel Muse is a valuable resource for travelers that seek an enriching cultural experience when they travel. Addis also authored the book “Conquering Mountains: The Guide to Solo Female Travel” to help all women overcome their fears and see the world safely. Addis has been profiled on Business Insider, Buzzfeed, and Daily Mail.

A post shared by Kristin Addis (@bemytravelmuse) on

Peruse Addis’ blog and become a fan of hers on Instagram.

Alexandra Baackes – United States

Alexandra Baackes is a prolific travel writer who hasn’t stayed in one place since 2011. Baackes travels the world and snaps photos of her “globe-trotting daydreams,” all catalogued in her blog Alex in Wanderland. As a travel writer Baackes has contributed to many online publications, including Men’s Fitness and Eagle Creek. Baackes has been featured on travel Instagram lists on Forbes, Viator, The Expeditioner, and more.

Read Alex in Wanderland and follow Baackes’ adventures on Instagram.

Dirk Dallas – United States

Dirk Dallas is a designer, photographer, educator, and the founder of From Where I Drone. From Where I Drone is an exhaustive and informative resource for any aspiring aerial and drone photographers who want guides, pricing tips, and a community of fellow aerial shutterbugs. Some of his clients include Disney, Toyota, Nike, and American Express. Scroll through his feed and enjoy Dallas’ drones-eye view of the world.

A post shared by Dirk Dallas (@dirka) on

Check out From Where I Drone, and then follow the community Instagram and Dallas’ Instagram.

Amanda Williams – United States

Amanda Williams loves to travel, but also likes coming home to her warm bed after a fun journey. Unlike many travel bloggers Williams still holds down a full-time job and a semi-normal life. Williams shares practical tips and guides for travelers on her blog A Dangerous Business, covering everything from what to pack on an overland trip in Africa to how to travel as an introvert. Always refreshingly honest, Williams’ writing and photography will convince you to take a chance and see the world.

A post shared by Amanda (@dangerousbiz) on

Get into A Dangerous Business and follow Williams on Instagram.

Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott – United States

Daniel Noll left with his wife Audrey Scott on a one-way plane ride to travel the world in 2001, and the couple haven’t stopped since. They run the travel blog Uncornered Market where they share inspiration for others looking to live life to the fullest. The couple has visited 90 countries so far with no signs of slowing down. Noll and Scott speak regularly at conferences and events about their life of no regret.

Once you catch up with Uncornered Market follow Noll on Instagram.

Christian McLeod – United States/Canada

Specializing in ocean adventure and surfing lifestyle photography and videography, Christian McLeod is based both in California and Vancouver. McLeod’s iconic personal style of photography reflects the “rugged-individualist mentality” of life in the Rockies or on the waves, reveling in the natural awe of the outdoors. Past clients of McLeod’s include Sony, Corona, Red Bull, Web Summit, and Tourism Ireland.

Bookmark McLeod’s website and then scroll through his Instagram feed.


Follow these travel bloggers, but fair warning: with all of this inspiration you may sell your belongings and quit your job to live a global life of exploration.

Top image by Jessica Khani

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