Improve your editing game in the new year with a look back at ten of our favorite Premiere Pro tutorials from the past twelve months.

2020 is right around the corner. If your New Year’s resolution is to become a better video editor, then give yourself a head start with this roundup of 2019’s most helpful Premiere Pro video tutorials.

1. 15 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Beginner in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of those easy-to-learn, hard-to-master programs. In this tutorial from Shutterstock’s Robbie Janney, you’ll see how to supercharge your workflow with tips and tricks Janney discovered along his Premiere Pro path. Even if you’ve got experience in Premiere, there might be something here you haven’t seen before.

2. How to Properly Pancake Timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro

Ever find yourself struggling to pull good takes from hours and hours of raw footage? If so, then you know how tedious it can be to load individual clips into Premiere’s Source Monitor and how difficult it can be to keep those clips organized. Fortunately, there’s a solution — the pancake technique.

In this tutorial, learn the origin of the technique and discover out how to set up a custom workspace in Premiere Pro that will significantly speed up your post work.

3. Editing Tips: Sorting Footage and Creating Quality Timelines

Editing big projects can be daunting, especially when it comes to digging through tons of footage. So, how can you get through it all and end up with a decent timeline to edit?

In this tutorial, PremiumBeat’s Zach Ramelan teaches his time-saving “Cherry-Picked Timeline” method for building an editing sequence that helps you learn your footage while also selecting the best clips for your edit.

4. 5 Great Audio Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

Bad sound is a great way to ruin good footage. In this Premiere Pro tutorial, Josh Noel of SonduckFilm explains his five go-to effects, tips, and techniques that can instantly enhance and clean up the audio in your next edit.

5. Create Minimal Titles or Lower Thirds in Premiere Pro

Sometimes less is more. Watch this clip to learn how to create super-clean, minimalistic titles and lower thirds in Premiere Pro. This tutorial is especially helpful for anyone working on corporate video or documentary projects.

6. How To Fix Desaturated Colors In Your Adobe Premiere Pro Exports

Do your Premiere Pro exports look more desaturated and washed out than what you see in the preview window? If so, Matt Johnson wants to help. According to Johnson, “I’ve received many emails over the years from people having this issue, so here’s how to fix it on Mac and PC.”

Watch his tips for solving the problem above, and then read Adobe’s thoughts on the matter.

7. Tips for Recording ADR on Your Own — on a Budget

You recorded sound on set, but the audio you captured is unusable. Don’t fret, there’s a simple fix: ADR, or Automatic Dialogue Replacement.

Contrary to popular belief, getting good-sounding dialogue with ADR doesn’t require a giant studio. This video tutorial shows you how to pull it off with just a computer and a microphone.

8. QUEUE vs EXPORT: What’s the difference?

Ready to save time in your editing workflow? Join Josh Odisho as he explains the handy, helpful differences between Queue and Export in Adobe Premiere Pro.


Maximize your editing efforts the Zach Ramelan way. In this video tutorial, Ramelan explains his time-saving steps and organizational techniques for finishing video projects as fast as possible — without sacrificing quality and compromising your vision.

10. Tips for Reducing Visible Video Compression in Video Uploads

Have you ever edited a perfectly awesome video and rushed to upload it online, but then it looks, well, smudgy? You’re not alone. This happens all the time with video platforms, and it’s a direct result of transcoding.

In this video tutorial, Shutterstock’s Charles Yeager teaches you how to avoid uploads that result in smudged-out, blocky “artifacts.”

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