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101 of the Best Free Fonts on the Web

We found the best free fonts on the web, including free script fonts, free Christmas fonts, and free modern fonts.

Finding a font to use in your next project is exciting, but the process of choosing one that’s both high-quality and free can be downright time-consuming. Scrolling through endless pages of font upon font can get old quickly — trust me, I’ve been there. Or, maybe you’ve settled on the perfect style, just to learn that the whole type family costs over $200. This happens all too often.

Lucky for you, we’ve created a roundup of 101 free fonts to help you stay current with ever-changing trends and create designs on the fly. Simply click on the links in the image caption and download the .ttf or .otf files for use in your next project. If you don’t have access to sophisticated design software, there are twelve fonts available in our easy-to-use and free free Shutterstock Editor design application.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of type classifications and how to incorporate serif, sans serif, script, modern, futuristic, wedding, and holiday fonts into your next project.

Best Free Fonts: Serif Fonts

Serifs fonts get their name from the strokes that extend from the letterform, like the legs that protrude from a letter “I.” Serifs aren’t just for pure aesthetics; serifs actually make text more legible for readers. In the world of typography, serif fonts are used in all mediums, from books and magazines to website headers and social graphics.

Just like all fonts have unique looks, serifs come in all shapes and sizes. They can transition smoothly into the letterform, giving it a more rounded appearance, or they can abruptly connect to the letter in a rectangular slab or a triangular wedge.

The shapes of the serif can dictate the tone in a specific typeface. Transitional serifs lend a more traditional and classic feel, while high-contrast serifs look more modern and trendy.

Check out our complete list of the best free serif fonts, and sample some of the very best below.

1. Abril Fatface

Free Serif Font — Abril Fatface
Download the Abril Fatface font from Google Fonts here.

2. BioRhyme

Free Serif Font — BioRhyme
Download the BioRhyme font from Google Fonts here.

3. Blacker

Free Serif Font — Blacker
Download the Blacker font from Dafont here.

4. Charcuterie

Free Serif Font — Charcuterie
Download the Charcuterie font from Adobe Fonts here.

5. Cooper Black

Free Serif Font — Cooper Black
Download the Cooper Black font from Adobe Fonts here.

6. Gravitas One

Free Serif Font — Gravitas One
Download the Gravitas One font from Google Fonts here.

7. Messenger

Free Serif Font — Messenger
Download the Messenger font from Behance here.

8. Portage

Free Serif Font — Portage
Download the Portage font from Black Lab Type here.

9. PT Serif

Free Serif Font — PT Serif
Download the PT Serif font from Google Fonts here.

10. Questa Grande

Free Serif Font — Questa Grande
Download the Questa Grande font from Font Squirrel here.

11. Shrikhand

Free Serif Font — Shrikhand
Download the Shrikhand font from Google Fonts here.

12. Stint Ultra Condensed

Free Serif Font — Stint Ultra Condensed
Download the Stint Ultra Condensed font from Google Fonts here.

13. Stint Ultra Expanded

Free Serif Font — Stint Ultra Expanded
Download the Stint Ultra Expanded font from Google Fonts here.

14. Tarif

Free Serif Font — Tarif
Download the Tarif font from Zeta Fonts here.

15. The Circus

Free Serif Font — The Circus
Download The Circus font from Pixel Buddha here.

16. Zilla Slab

Free Serif Font — Zilla Slab
Download the Zilla Slab font from Google Fonts here.

Best Free Fonts: Sans Serif Fonts

The main difference between the serifs and sans serifs is its absence of strokes on letterforms. As the name suggests, sans serif means “without serifs.” Instead of transitioning into a serif, you’ll notice each letterform contains clean, monoweight lines throughout. Sans-serif fonts can be rounded to geometric to calligraphic.

The lack of serifs can drastically change the tone of a font. Serif fonts create a professional tone; on the other hand, sans serif fonts create a more modern and approachable tone. This is why you frequently see sans serifs used for start-ups, tech companies, or casual fashion brands.

We selected the top sans serif fonts below; to see the whole list, check out our guide to the best free sans serif fonts.

17. Angelic Bonques

Free Sans-Serif Font — Angelic Bonques
Download the Angelic Bonques font from Graphic Design Freebies here.

18. Averta

Free Sans-Serif Font — Averta
Download the Averta font from Fontfabric here.

19. Bajern

Free Sans-Serif Font — Bajern
Download the Bajern font from Behance here.

20. Barlow

Free Sans-Serif Font — Barlow
Download the Barlow font from Google Fonts here.

21. Bernier

Free Sans-Serif Font — Bernier
Download the Bernier font from Fontfabric here.

22. Brandon Grotesque

Free Sans-Serif Font — Brandon Grotesque
Download the Brandon Grotesque font from Adobe Fonts here.

23. Evogria

Free Sans-Serif Font — Evogria
Download the Evogria font from Dafont here.

24. Gatwick

Free Sans-Serif Font — Gatwick
Download the Gatwick font from Pangram Pangram here.

25. Guerrilla

Free Sans-Serif Font — Guerrilla
Download the Guerrilla font from Fontfabric here.

26. Hackney

Free Sans-Serif Font — Hackney
Download the Hackney font from Behance here.

27. Ignite

Free Sans-Serif Font — Ignite
Download the Ignite font from Dribbble here.

28. Montserrat

Free Sans-Serif Font — Monterratt
Download the Montserrat font from Google Fonts here.

29. Paytone One

Free Sans-Serif Font — Paytone One
Download the Paytone One font from Google Fonts here.

30. Sansita

Free Sans-Serif Font —  Sansita
Download the Sansita font from Google Fonts here.

31. Watkins

Free Sans-Serif Font — Watkins
Download the Watkins font from Pixel Surplus here.

32. Zing Rust

Free Sans-Serif Font — Zing Rust
Download the Zing Rust font from Fontfabric here.

Best Free Fonts: Script Fonts

Script fonts are the embodiment of elegance and delicacy with their connecting letterforms and calligraphic approach. Unlike serif or sans-serif fonts, scripts are typically used for headings or other important copy because smaller sizes lose legibility. Scripts can range from informal and playful with rounded or bouncy letterforms to formal and sophisticated with angled and dramatic letterforms.

When finding a font style for your project, be sure the style agrees with the context. Script fonts are typically reserved for luxurious and feminine applications. You’ll find them incorporated as  fonts for wedding invitations, fonts for social graphics, or fonts for business cards.

If you’re looking for more, see our full list of the best free script fonts.

33. Blacksword

Free Script Font — Blacksword
Download the Blacksword font on Dafont here.

34. Buffalo

Free Script Font — Buffalo
Download the Buffalo font on Behance here.

35. Eldwin Script

Free Script Font — Eldwin Script
Download the Eldwin Script font on Adobe Fonts here.

36. Funkydori

Free Script Font — Funkydori
Download the Funkydori font on Adobe Fonts here.

37. Hesland

Free Script Font — Hesland
Download the Hesland font on Behance here.

38. Julietta

Free Script Font — Julietta
Download the Julietta font on Dafont here.

39. La Paloma

Free Script Font — La Paloma
Download the La Paloma font on Dafont here.

40. Lourino

Free Script Font — Lourino
Download the Lourino font on Dafont here.

41. Mustardo

Free Script Font — Mustardo
Download the Mustardo font on Dafont here.

42. Panton Rust

Free Script Font — Panton Rust
Download the Panton Rust font on Fontfabric here.

43. Sant Elia

Free Script Font — Sant Elia
Download the Sant Elia font on Fontfabric here.

44. Underland

Free Script Font — Underland
Download the Underland font on Dribbble here.

Best Free Fonts: Modern Fonts

Modern fonts usually have geometric letterforms, drastic serifs, and abstract shapes. Instead of adhering to traditional styles, modern fonts go beyond typical typography with different interpretations of letters and styles.

The fifteen typefaces listed below are all extremely versatile; they can exist as a header, focal point, or smaller copy in virtually any design. You can find more contemporary options in our guide to the top free modern fonts.

45. Agrandir

Free Modern Font — Agrandir
Download the Agrandir font from Pangram Pangram here.

46. Amagro Bold

Free Modern Font — Amagro Bold
Download the Amagro Bold font from Font Squirrel here.

47. Blacker Sans

Free Modern Font — Blacker Sans
Download the Blacker Sans font from Dafont here.

48. Blenny

Free Modern Font — Blenny
Download the Blenny font from Adobe Fonts here.

49. Choplin

Free Modern Font — Choplin
Download the Choplin font from Fontfabric here.

50. Editorial New

Free Modern Font — Editorial New
Download the Editorial New font from Pangram Pangram here.

51. Free Fat Font

Free Modern Font — Free Fat Font
Download the Free Fat Font font from Behance here.

52. Josefin Slab

Free Modern Font — Josefin Slab
Download the Josefin Slab font from Google Fonts here.

53. Liquido

Free Modern Font — Liquido
Download the Liquido font from Behance here.

54. Metropolis

Free Modern Font — Metropolis
Download the Metropolis font from Font Squirrel here.

55. Muara

Free Modern Font — Muara
Download the Muara font from Dafont here.

56. Monument Extended

Free Modern Font — Monument Extended
Download the Monument Extended font from Pangram Pangram here.

57. Nexa

Free Modern Font — Nexa
Download the Nexa font from Fontfabric here.

58. Rockwell

Free Modern Font — Rockwell
Download the Rockwell font from Adobe Fonts here.

59. Soulcraft

Free Modern Font — Soulcraft
Download the Soulcraft font from Behance here.

Best Free Fonts: Futuristic Fonts

Futuristic fonts take stylistic cues from modern fonts, while weaving more sci-fi imagery into their shape. You’ll see it in the condensed letterforms, geometric shapes, and angled elements.

Add these fourteen fonts to any header or copy to give your designs a hint of the future. Find even more free futuristic fonts in our collection.

60. Canter

Free Futuristic Font — Canter
Download the Canter font from Fontfabric here.

61. Chappa

Free Futuristic Font — Chappa
Download the Chappa font from Behance here.

62. Futura PT

Free Futuristic Font — Futura PT
Download the Futura PT font from Adobe Fonts here.

63. Jura

Free Futuristic Font — Jura
Download the Jura font from Google Fonts here.

64. Misto

Free Futuristic Font — Misto
Download the Misto font from Behance here.

65. Neue Machina

Free Futuristic Font — Neue Machina
Download the Neue Machina font from Pangram Pangram here.

66. Outage

Free Futuristic Font — Outage
Download the Outage font from Lost Type Co-op here.

67. Particle

Free Futuristic Font — Particle
Download the Particle font from Behance here.

68. Quicksand

Free Futuristic Font — Quicksand
Download the Quicksand font from Google Fonts here.

69. Roboto Condensed

Free Futuristic Font — Roboto Condensed
Download the Roboto Condensed font from Google Fonts here.

70. Stanley

Free Futuristic Font — Stanley
Download the Stanley font from Pixel Surplus here.

71. Teko

Free Futuristic Font — Teko
Download the Teko font from Google Fonts here.

72. Voltaire

Free Futuristic Font — Voltaire
Download the Voltaire font from Google Fonts here.

73. Voyager

Free Futuristic Font — Voyager
Download the Voyager font from Pixel Surplus here.

Best Free Fonts: Wedding Fonts

The key to a perfect wedding font is finding the perfect typeface. Whether it’s a flowy, calligraphic, or brush script, there are thousands of options to choose from online. Finding that perfect typeface can be time-consuming and stressful when designing your own invitation, so head over to our full list to find professionally curated free wedding fonts.

These sixteen fonts below are ideal for wedding invitations and save the dates, but can be used for a range of occasions as well.

74. Alana

Free Wedding Font — Alana
Download the Alana font from Adobe Fonts here.

75. Angelic Bonques

Free Wedding Font — Angelic Bonques
Download the Angelic Bonques font from Behance here.

76. Beloved Script

Free Wedding Font — Beloved Script
Download the Beloved Script font from Adobe Fonts here.

77. Domillion Brush

Free Wedding Font — Domillion Brush
Download the Domillion Brush font from Dafont here.

78. Gloss & Bloom

Free Wedding Font — Gloss and Bloom
Download the Gloss & Bloom font from Dafont here.

79. Golden Plains

Free Wedding Font — Golden Plains
Download the Golden Plains font from Dafont here.

80. Gosthel

Free Wedding Font — Gosthel
Download the Gosthel font from Dafont here.

81. Matsury

Free Wedding Font — Matsury
Download the Matsury font from Dafont here.

82. Millerstone

Free Wedding Font — Millerstone
Download the Millerstone font from Dafont here.

83. Mountecarlo

Free Wedding Font — Mountecarlo
Download the Mountecarlo font from Dafont here.

84. Quentin

Free Wedding Font — Quentin
Download the Quentin font from Dafont here.

85. Rembank

Free Wedding Font — Rembank
Download the Rembank font from Dafont here.

86. Shelline

Free Wedding Font — Shelline
Download the Shelline font from Dafont here.

87. Viktor Script

Free Wedding Font — Viktor Script
Download the Viktor Script font from Adobe Fonts here.

88. Woodland

Free Wedding Font — Woodland
Download the Woodland font from Pangram Pangram here.

89. Yukikato

Free Wedding Font — Yukikato
Download the Yukikato font from Dafont here.

Best Free Fonts: Christmas Fonts

As the end of the year arrives, it’s important to think about how your business or your brand can create holiday-themed designs. Holiday-themed fonts can range from classic and traditional serifs to frilly and festive display fonts.

While the twelve fonts below can live in a multitude of designs, they’re also ideal for any seasonal composition. Discover more Holiday typeface in our longer list of free Christmas fonts.

90. Bigelow Rules

Free Holiday Font — Bigelow Rules
Download the Bigelow Rules font from Google Fonts here.

91. Bodoni*

Free Holiday Font — Bodoni*
Download the Bodoni* font from Font Squirrel here.

92. England Hand

Free Holiday Font — England Hand
Download the England Hand font from Font Squirrel here.

93. Frank Ruhl Libre

Free Holiday Font — Frank Ruhl Libre
Download the Frank Ruhl Libre font from Google Fonts here.

94. Germania One

Free Holiday Font — Germania One
Download the Germania One font from Google Fonts here.

95. Libre Baskerville

Free Holiday Font — Libre Baskerville
Download the Libre Baskerville font from Google Fonts here.

96. Playfair Display

Free Holiday Font — Playfair Display
Download the Playfair Display font from Google Fonts here.

97. Rosella

Free Holiday Font — Rosella
Download the Rosella font from Adobe Fonts here.

98. Rumble Brave

Free Holiday Font — Rumble Brave
Download the Rumble Brave font from Dafont here.

99. Sacred Bridge

Free Holiday Font — Sacred Bridge
Download the Sacred Bridge font from Dafont here.

100. The Historia

Free Holiday Font — The Historia
Download the The Historia font from Dafont here.

101. Yeseva One

Free Holiday Font — Yeseva One
Download the Yeseva One font from Google Fonts here.

Interested in more free stuff to make the designs of your dreams? Check out these free packs from Shutterstock:

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